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Going on a mission trip to Rwanda next month and need advice on how to proceed

This is a discussion on Going on a mission trip to Rwanda next month and need advice on how to proceed within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by AlexHassin Maybe this is just me getting complacent but, take the pills, put on bug spray, and donít sleep out in the ...

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Thread: Going on a mission trip to Rwanda next month and need advice on how to proceed

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexHassin View Post
    Maybe this is just me getting complacent but, take the pills, put on bug spray, and donít sleep out in the open and you will be fine. Plus if Iím not mistaken he is asking about brining a hunting rifle not a self defense weapon.

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    With all of the issues there, you will not find me on that continent. Sorry but I will not risk my life or my family's for others that are even more despirate than these. I will pray for them though. End of line..
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    I have always wondered what would happen if you took both at the same time.

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    Well to respond to some of the posts, I have received more immunizations and boosters than I care to think about. :) (for the record, the Typhoid vaccine hurts like the devil and makes your arm very sore for a couple of days) I have my Yellow Fever shot and the malaria pills, though there are mixed reviews.

    I am stoked to go, and frankly hunting is not why I am going. I am going to train Christian pastors in Bible interpretation and congregational care as part of a team that is helping a village in northern Rwanda gain self-sufficiency and economic independence. I am going to spend most of my time in Rwanda serving and helping those men, and anyone else I can.

    The reason I asked the original question is that the mayor or the town we will be in has a big hippopotamus problem. The village is near one of the larger hunting preserves in Africa, and hippos are a real danger. They are very mean and aggressive, so the mayor has to PAY to have them shot when they wander too close. I just volunteered to do the job for nothing while I am there!! Other than that, I have no idea if I will have any time or ability to hunt.

    Also, while Rwanda had genocide in the early 90's, it's probably one the safest countries in Africa today and a model for developing nations. Their violent crime rate is lower than ours in many ways! So I am not too worried about physical security, at least beyond my normal SA.
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    MinistrMalic - have you ever read "The Poisonwood Bible" ?
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