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Need info on keyless deadbolts

This is a discussion on Need info on keyless deadbolts within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am installing the Schlage LiNK Z-wave system in my house. If you pay for the remote service you can get updates and even lock ...

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Thread: Need info on keyless deadbolts

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    I am installing the Schlage LiNK Z-wave system in my house. If you pay for the remote service you can get updates and even lock and unlock the doors by remote, as well as lights, thermostat, inside and outside power outlets. You can even add cameras to the system. You can remotely control from a computer and several types of smart-phones (in my case a BlackBerry Curve 8330). Remote Management Demo

    There are other devices that use Z-wave and from what I can find you can link them all together.

    Here is the type of Deadbolt that I'm getting. Schlage LiNK Deadbolt (Bright Brass) : Deadbolts |

    More Z-wave stuff at
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    My parents have a combo unit, can either be opened with a key or punching in the 4 digit code. If you get the code wrong three times it locks out. Can't remember the brand but it operates the bolt automatically. They love it and it seems very reliable, I'll check and post the brand later.

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    What's wrong with a key in, key out deadbolt?? We have them on all our outside doors. At night, we leave a key in the lock, (of the door we would use at night) to enable us to exit, should there be a fire. Otherwise, the key remains out of the lock. They'be been in place 20+ years, with no problems. Someone can break the window,but it gained them NOTHING, unless they want to try climbing thru the window, which would be a tough call.
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    My Mom used a key-in, key-out...kept the key hanging from a string in the hallway. Unless the burglar knew where it was and had 5 foot arms, he was out of luck. Worked well for her for 30 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Sarge View Post
    What's wrong with a key in, key out deadbolt??
    Well, the reason I don't leave a key in the deadbolt lock is the same reason I don't use a simple interior knob in the first place---I don't want someone to be able to bust through a window and open the bolt.

    So, if you aren't going to leave the key in the lock, the argument against it is that you can't easily get out in an emergency like a fire. That's a tradeoff I am willing to make right now, but the use of an appropriate security laminate may very well make that entire decision moot.
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    If you are worried about being locked in, secure a retractable key-chain near the door, but out of reach from the glass part that could be busted through. That way there is always a key nearby, just in case. My old house had a setup like this and it worked well.

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