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Thread: A Real Gun

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    Presently working on a R870 12 gage for this purpose, has 18in barrel and ghost ring sights.

    Looking to add over the top folding stock with shell holder attached and tactical fore arm.

    Should be able to ride between seats in truck and come into action if ever needed in a hurry.
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    That sounds like nice ride.

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    Maybe a good idea to check your local and state laws. Concealed carry laws do NOT pertain to long guns here. I carried an 18" shotty behind my seat in a work van for years until I found out ..... a loaded shotty in your vehicle is illegal here. Open carry is good,... go figure. The sheriffs dept. explained what'll get ya in trouble is when/if the officer asks if you have any more weapons in the vehicle.

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    Going home soon????
    When I'm going on trips I have my DPMS 5.56 and my savage .308, but thats mainly because whenever I go on vacation I find a way to work in some range time. I guess it would also work out if the zombie apocalypse started while I was driving through the middle of nowhere. But for daily commutes no.

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    Well, I've got to chime in here on this one....I'm 66 years old this year. I've carried a long gun, either a .410, a 20 gauge or a .22 semi auto in my truck, behind the seats, below window level in a standard two gun rack. This, in addition to one of several pistols I carry when driving out of town and often in town doing errands. In all that time, I've never had one teeny problem in all these years. I say years because I began carrying in my vehicle while in high school in the Phoenix area and to this day, right now, there is a .22 in the rack behind the seats in my truck, a Chevy S-10 extended cab and has been since I bought the truck in 2003. The only exception would be when parking the truck while on canoe trips of extended length and I then carry the .22 with me in the canoe. Sometimes I carry a shotgun but mostly the .22, it's just too versatile and is a semi auto with tubular magazine holding 11 rounds.
    There have been only two times it came out of the truck to prevent further action on others parts and that was many many years ago. But, if I need a long gun, it's there and always will be. I might mention I can put a round into a thumbtack from most any distance, one advantage to having a rifle all your adult life and shooting it is mostly by instinct by now. Currently I have no plans to change that situation and expect I'll probably have that rifle in my coffin when I pass away.
    Just sayin..........

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    Wichita Falls, Texas
    That's it Redfish, bury me with my bike and guns, what a way to go.
    "I dislike death, however, there are some things I dislike more than death. Therefore, there are times when I will not avoid danger" Mencius"

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    In Colorado it is illegal to carry a long gun W/ a round in the chamber in your vehicle. Any cop that pulls you over has the right to inspect the chamber to ensure you are in compliance. I suspect it's a poaching law

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    I would not carry a long gun in my vehicle unless I were going camping or hunting. It's just too difficult to handle a long gun inside a vehicle, and I certainly would not want to have a long gun in my vehicle while I'm away from it.OMO
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    When I take long, overnight road trips with the fam...and where legal on the distant end. NY, NJ, MA, IL, MD are completely out... Usually we'll do some shooting while we are there....and I'll take my EBR and Benelli M3 Super 90
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    I know a guy that carries his rifle with 3 extra 20 round clips below the 3rd row seat in his SUV....it's in a rifle sock, under the 3rd seat, with the 3rd seat folded flat...that creates a large cargo area, and then he has his factory large rubber mat over the large cargo area...it's kinda of a "SHTF" rifle, for if he is away from home in his SUV and the SHTF.....nothing that you can get to while driving, in fact it takes quite a bit of time to retrieve it.....BUT IT'S THERE!!...if you need it!

    Been thinking of doing the same, as I have a similarly setup SUV....unless they do a freakin' drug check on your vehicle, there would be no way anyone would find it.....seems like the thing to do.....

    And if I would get pulled over for an unusual speeding ticket (I don't speed anymore, too old...LOL) I would declare myself as a CCW permit holder to the LEO and probably only declare the actual CCW I have on my body....wouldn't even mention the rifle.....thoughts?!?!

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    I don't go out of my way to carry a long gun with me in my vehicle. However, my department issued me a stainless Mini-14, and it rides behind the seat of my truck when I'm off-duty. Its chamber empty (I don't carry loaded chamber long guns anywhere, most of them lack any sort of firing pin/drop safety) with a 20 round magazine locked in and a spare 20 round magazine in a pouch on the stock. I only drive my truck around town (I live in the jurisdiction where I work). Its 20 years old and lacks things like AC and power steering, it doesn't go on trips. The only reason that the Mini is where it is when I'm off is because that is where I keep it, since it goes into and out of the patrol car every shift. When I do travel I generally take multiple handguns but no long guns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carguy2244 View Post
    I've heard it said:

    I'll start - a DPMS .308, 6 loaded 19 rd. magazines, and 3 200 rd. battle packs of ammo in the trunk.
    Wow - I've heard of people keeping a 22 LR in a car in case of a stranding situation for hunting small game, or a shot gun for the same reason, but what kind of situation do you realistically think you're going to encounter in the U.S. that you'll need over 700 rounds of .308 for??? Even in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath there wasn't a single documented case where someone had to fire more than a few rounds in self defense to ward off two legged predators.

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    No long guns in the car for me. Even if it was legal here i wouldn't do it. A handgun on my person seems to me it would be enough.

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    VAshooter. The purpose of the weapon and ammunition is because I CAN'T predict what will happen. That's the reason it's there, with the ammo, in the first place. What I can tell you is this. It doesn't adversely affect the vehicle's handling or mileage, the vehicle doesn't complain, and it has zero negative impact on me. I don't need to carry it or exert any additional effort at all. It;s in the trunk, like a spare tire and jumper cables. If I need it, it's there. U.S. citizens have carried guns for 234 years, and for the vast majority of that time, they carried rifles when travelling, because they didn't know they wouldn't need it. Nothing's changed, other than we have 911 to call for help. Anyone care to rely on that? A pistol is a great thing to have so you can fight your way to a real gun. I just want to keep that trip as short as possible.

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    I would do it if I could figure out a way to secure the long arm, while making it relatively accessible to myself.

    Until I can figure out a practical way, then no, I don't do it.
    Trust in God and keep your powder dry

    "A heavily armed citizenry is not about overthrowing the government; it is about preventing the government from overthrowing liberty. A people stripped of their right of self defense is defenseless against their own government." -source

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