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Thread: A Real Gun

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    I kinda like the idea of a long gun as well, but can you prove he was a threat at 500 yards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeyeLCPL View Post
    I don't keep a long-gun in my vehicle usually, for several reasons. First is that I don't want to leave a long gun in my vehicle when I'm not around it. Second is you can start to get into a few legal issues depending on how it is stored, the state of the ammunition, and the knowledge of gun laws that an LEO has if he pulls you over. Third is that if I'm outside the vehicle and need a long gun, if I can get to the vehicle, I'm driving away.
    If I'm inside the vehicle and need the long gun, I'm focusing on driving away. It takes fairly significant small arms fire to immediately disable a vehicle, yes they can shoot out tires and the radiator, but you can drive on that far enough to get somewhere safer if your life depends on it. I don't really forsee complex ambushes set up for me stateside.

    All that being said, if I am taking a trip to a place I know I can safely store a long gun, like staying overnight at a gun-friendly friend's house, I usually take my Bushmaster M-4 and some mags with me.


    I could not have said it any better

    If I am out running errands or to work and back or whatever, if the SHTF I'm gonna keep driving till I can make it home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carguy2244 View Post
    I've heard it said:
    "A pistol is great to have so you can fight your way to a real gun".

    I don't know if that's entirely accurate, but a good rifle in your can be real heart warming when things get extra ugly. With that in mind, do you carry a rifle or shotgun in your vehicle, in the event "ugly" finds you while you're away from home base?

    I'll start - a DPMS .308, 6 loaded 19 rd. magazines, and 3 200 rd. battle packs of ammo in the trunk.
    First let me say that the definition for "prepared " for one person is "not adequately prepared" for the next guy. I laud carguy2244 for thinking WHAT IF and being prepared. Second: I wonder why so many in this thread think they are more qualified to say what is adequate for carguy, unless they know him and his circumstances personally and filter their comments with EVERY POSSIBLE FUTURE EVENT. Third: his preparations seem adequate for a person living today in the area south of Tuscon (Laredo or El Paso, Tx), Chula Vista, California or on a differant but parallel issue: any of thousands of towns now existing on free government money that any day now will DRY UP. Carguy may one day this next year be the only one of us to successfully GET HOME through the riots and food looting in our immediate future. While talking about zombies may be a fun exercise....some of us live right now in drug infested, crime ridden, government tit sucking, barely policed towns where 911 will put you on hold until after the crime. So ....SHTF scenarios are just what tomorrow will bring us all AND Carguy is on the right track in his thinking.

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