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BG demands you open your gun safe for him

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Thread: BG demands you open your gun safe for him

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    A choice between security and invisibility...............

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    I will not open it.What happens is what happens. I never comply with criminals.

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    Take him to the empty decoy safe..

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    Loaded double barrel shotgun sits right inside the door in the easiest spot to grab it.... ... the way the safe sits, they would not see it coming.
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    I think this is a very interesting question. I do think about it all the time. While I would like to think I'm prepared if it is just me. One just never knows how you will really act under pressure. I have a backup gun in a holster under my desk next to safe. My plan would be to unlock and step aside to my desk. While the BG is in awe to the stash he thinks he is about to grab I will grab me loaded and locked Ed Brown 45 and pop!

    But here is the real problem. I'm on road and my wife or kids are at home. They do not know how to open it. This will lead to anger and punishment on behalf of the BG. Then I expect one of them to call and tell me they are needing the combo. I can't think of anyone that would have any solution other than give up the combo to hopefully save them. That is a guaranteed lose lose.

    I liked the idea of a panic button and I will install one next to safe but even that relies on time. Time of police response. No way to win.

    Wish the wife would learn to use that 12ga. And keep it near. Also a bigger dog couldn't hurt! Great question as it helps us all think and be better prepared.
    It's not a problem til they make it one!

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    I'm always armed at home, so if he's already at the safe, I'm dead...therefore, I'm not opening it.
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    I keep a handgun in reach at home and a 12 ga in the bedroom. Safe is in a storage room and only one person can get in front of it at a time. I keep a loaded handgun inside, but thinking about this question I am going to mount a holster with the loaded gun on the inside of the door at waiste level so that the door only needs to open about 4 inches for me to draw it. If only one person at a time can stand in front of it, someone behind you couldn't see you pull it (open with right hand and pull with left. You could shoot while turning or shield it from view with your body and nail him when he takes position at the safe.
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    No Guns, No Safety, No Peace.

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    Agree with retsupt99. If an intruder is in my home and I am home, one of us must be dead. The moment of truth never makes it to the safe, it's at the door or window.

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    My grab gun is currently on my right hip. I had a loaded one in the safe for a long time. Then I sold it to buy my wife a "real gun" (her words). From the front door to the safe I would have to pass 4 guns besides the one I am wearing. I don't see it getting that far.
    I prefer to live dangerously free than safely caged!

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    Every gun in my safe is loaded. I also woke up with this by my side.

    My wife woke up with this by her side

    The key would have been broken off in the dial if it had gotten that far (which it won't). The alarm system would have been defective to allow them entry anyways and the dog deaf.
    Nah, isn't going to happen and they will never get my guns.

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    With anything i can, till i can't or he's dead.

    No fancy tricks or super hidden guns that i have illusions of getting to and turned around before getting shot/ stabbed/ beaten/ ect.
    But, I want to live a lot more than he thinks. I will get shot, injured, or killed no doubt.

    But they will have to fight me and pay little to no attention to my wife... creeping her .45 out of the bed frame.

    ( ..and they thought I put up a good fight?!)
    I thoroughly disapprove of duels.
    If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand
    and lead him to a quiet place and kill him.
    -Mark Twain

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    I have thought about this possible scenario and while I certainly don't announce to the world I have a lot of guns at home in a gun safe its almost impossible for some it friends, kids friends lets say to not know you own guns and possibly tell others you really do not wish to know. I do keep several loaded weapons or grab guns in the safe ready for action. So if the situation ever presented itself I would have to first try delay tactics but if BG's are holding family members it’s a very tough call. Since I would likely feel they would harm the family members anyway I don't think I would open it and just fight to the death if needed with whatever means possible. After I arrive home every day from work the first thing I do is unlock the safe so I have access to all my guns and I am usually armed at home anyway. It is something to be cognizant of for sure, but having a gun safe is still the best idea if you own firearms.
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    /\/\.....I had to get after my step-daughter for showing one of her friends some of my stuff....I was slightly irrate to say the least, lol.
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    Im armed when Im out of the house, Im armed when Im in the house and my EDC is within arms reach while I sleep or shower. If the BG got the drop on me, Im most likely dead already... Therefore I wont be opening the safe anytime soon. BUT for the sake of this thread, I will say that for some off-chance I was not armed while home and was "at the mercy" of said BG, Ill fight with what I have within reach, hes NOT taking my guns because he might well kill me with one or with his own. My Wife/girl friend, though Im single at the moment, but I would hope she is like minded and would be armed or fight back...
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    I also keep one loaded in the safe - if I'm opening the safe, I intend to reach for it. However, opening that safe is the last option for me. Chances are, things are gonna get bloody and the safe will stay closed.
    I don't like the idea of opening the safe not even to get a loaded gun out... all bets are off once that safe is open.. the BG could execute you then take your firearms and go on a killing spree starting right after he tortures and beats and _______ your wife and family....
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