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What room for a safe room? Kids bedroom or mine?

This is a discussion on What room for a safe room? Kids bedroom or mine? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; An OC spray sprinkler system? I hope that never goes off by accident. Imagine tripping that switch hosting a party or family reunion. Me? Think ...

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Thread: What room for a safe room? Kids bedroom or mine?

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    An OC spray sprinkler system? I hope that never goes off by accident. Imagine tripping that switch hosting a party or family reunion.

    Me? Think I'll go with Automated gattling turrets hooked up to invisible laser trip wires with Friend or Foe recognition. You guys are cute with your safe rooms and your key-fobs though!
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    Have you considered an in-swinging vault door?

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    All of these suggestions are good, but remember one of the first things you need to do in case of a fire is unlock that door in the hallway/at the top of the stairs so you can get out or firefighters can get in.

    I really like the idea of a door in the middle of a hallway. When I move I plan on getting a ranch style home and putting one in the hall to the bedroom(s). I've been looking at clear ballistic doors, since I think that makes a bit more sense than just a metal gate, but of course that depends on how much the things will cost by the time I buy a house. Some window film is also a huge recommendation. 3M makes some good stuff, as do other companies, and it's helpful not only in a break-in but in a storm so a tree branch can't come through a window, or at the least the window won't break all over the floor. The flip side is making sure that all windows are easy to slide open when you unlocked them (you do have good window locks, right?) in case you have a need to get out the windows.

    I think the pepper spray system is good/bad. I really wouldn't want to spray the whole downstairs of a house with strong spray, but one can rigged near that door at the top of the stairs wouldn't be a bad idea. Someone is trying to kick in that door and you can activate it and spray that area with a can worth of spray. It wouldn't even have to be a big can, as that stuff doesn't need a huge amount to be extremely irritating and make someone change their mind about what they are doing.

    Of course this is just brainstorming for now. I just have two doors, strong deadbolts, a door chain, door bar, a big dog and a pistol.
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    My bedroom is the "Last Stand" room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usmcj View Post
    Actually, he did.... a year or so later... similar entrance, but not quite so drunk.... he got part way up the stairs and stopped when I challenged him. He wore a silly grin until he saw the gun..... that was the last one... matter of fact, he hasn't been over here in many years.... he hasn't been invited, either.

    I wonder if that would work with my mother-in-law
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