Bugging out

Bugging out

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    Bugging out

    I see a lot of good information here about 'Bug Out Bags'. However, I often wonder where you are bugging out to?

    I can see where coastal folks need a plan to get inland, and inland folks also need natural disaster plans. However where do you go if there is a nation-wide hit?

    Likely the best thing to do if things are bad everywhere is to stay put. However, I may have stumbled upon a solution that may help as well; About 10 years ago, I quit putting money in the bank/stock market and started putting it in land. Nothing developed, just large parcels of raw acreage that I find that are listed below the market. My thought was these were long-term investments where I wasn't expecting a quick return. Every now and then someone contacts me to purchase something at a retail rate and I turn a nice profit, but that's completely by accident and not what I expect.

    Some of these properties have wells, ponds and streams on them. If push came to shove, my family and I could blend into the countryside. Now, I'm thinking that I should pick up some parcels in different parts of the country. Not many people think of South Carolina as earthquake country, but there is a fault line that could get ugly. By picking up stuff across the nation, I would then have low-maintenance LZ's (taxes on 'agricultural' are minimal) that we can bug-out to, that also are fairly sound investments. I assure you that I'm not rich by any means. I'm just a schmoe that works his dollar as hard as he works himself.

    There are of course, imperfections in this plan. For example, one is that our government can simply take the land away for whatever reason (look up 'eminent domain' if you think this is far-fetched). My possibly-paranoid thinking is that if there ever was a nation-wide disaster, our 'gubment' would leverage that event to centralize all control and authority with broad-stroke policies.

    I'm mostly curious if other folks here have been working with this concept as well? I'm still toying with how far to take this approach, or balance my portfolio in other ways.
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    Yes, I do the same... although I do not own the land in a bunch of different locations. I do have some small parcels nearby my home, but I also have family spread out all over the eastern two thirds of the country. If need be, I can go there, or they can come here depending on the circumstance.

    As far as investment, I fully believe in making my money work for me instead of me working for money. I take a slightly different approach to that angle though; I spend money on things that will give me residual income over a period of time. I have my fingers (cash) in several small businesses that provide me with return every month. For example, I just invested roughly $500. in a micro business. The expected return should be between 100-200 a month. And that is as long as the business continues. Not a bad deal if you ask me, but there are risks. I will not buy land that sits there and does nothing while I pay a mortgage (either to myself or the bank). I will buy land that I can lease out to farmers or hunting clubs.
    Like you, I'm not a big shot by any means. But, slowly my investments are growing and providing a multiple stream income. I have not been hurt by the down turned economy because I'm well spread out. IMO, that is the key.
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    You might find "Tappan On Survival" informative in general and in particular, the section on relocating to a small town.

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    The way I see it is, if it's a national disaster then getting from one part of the country to another could be more dangerous than staying put.

    But on the other hand, if it's a regional event then it would be nice to have a place to go.
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    I used to have a bug out plan in college, to get back to where my family, and most of my guns and ammo were. It would have been about 100 miles, and even that could have been a rather long trip in a SHTF type scenario. Now I am on an island, so my bug out plan is to keep driving the perimeter of the island until no one else is around me (just kidding), my employers will be keeping me busy in such a situation anyways.

    I think the biggest problem with the plan of having land spread throughout the country would be getting to the land, and then if there are squatters on it once you get there.
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    My plan has always involved getting back to my parents' place. It's paid for so we wouldn't need money to keep it, just lots of ammo. They also have a good deep well, enough land for personal farming, etc. and a great bomb shelter. Their basement is liveable and stays cool year round so we could even survive the summer heat without electricity for a/c. My mom stocks water and canned goods downstairs (and actually rotates them occasionally which is amazing if you knew her)
    Plus I already keep chickens and there is enough land there to feed them off of without buying feed if I can keep the raccoons away (heck we might learn to eat them too, some people do), plus deer there come up in the yard, so we'd have a little food to keep us going until we get organized.

    However they are not far from me so if we all needed to leave the general area I'm not sure where we'd head for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    You might find "Tappan On Survival" informative in general and in particular, the section on relocating to a small town.
    Down load it from here... http://www.scribd.com/doc/30419230/Tappan-on-Survival (89 pages)
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    You might find Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles quite interesting.
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