Renting house at college, what do I do?

Renting house at college, what do I do?

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Thread: Renting house at college, what do I do?

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    Renting house at college, what do I do?

    I am finally getting out of my schools down right expensive housing options and moving off campus. I am renting a house with a few buddies and being in Flint MI the city of flowing blood and burning houses, I am concerned with the crazies around here and how I can defend myself and my housemates in case of a home invasion.

    I am a NYS resident and not old enough to apply for a cpl so a pistol is out of the question and I am going to purchase a long gun and I am renting the house so I can't install any alarm system not to mention the lack of $$$

    So what can I do for some type of deterrent to keep myself and my property safe from those who wish it harm?

    What budget firearm should I look into that I can have on hand for defense?

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    NEF H&R pardner pump 18.5" 5+1 shotgun. $200 from dicks sporting goods and a few boxes of 00 buck. end thread

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    And some way to lock it up when you are not home. Don't make it easy if you get burglarized.

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    I wouldn't bother to try to improve the appearance of the house either.

    When I was in school, I rented (alone) a trailer in a bad part of town. The trailer looked worse than a dumpster; mud all over it, it wasn't level'ed, and the front porch had fallen off (the first step was a doozy).

    I left the outside like it was, fixed up the inside, taped garbage bags over the windows, and never spoke to my neighors. In three years, I was probably the only trailer in that park that didn't get robbed.
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    A shotgun for protection, safe for the shotgun, fortify the door to your room (deadbolt, reinforced door frame, door brace for at night). Interior door are terribly weak, far more than most exterior doors. Do it one item at a time, if funds are short. Check your rental/lease agreement for what "improvements" it allows. Secure the windows so thay can't be easily jimmied or opened. Home Depot and the likes have plenty of items cheap that will help.

    Don't let people you don't know/trust in your room. No stranger's eyes to look over your goodies. It might be tough, but leave high end items like the Boise stereo etc. at home. You'll survive without it, and will still own it!

    Keep in mind that roommates are generally idiots and don't have your best interests (or even theirs) in mind. Have the party at someone else's place!
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    Try also buying:
    -a timer for each lamp in the room and have them set automatically turn on when it is about to turn sundown
    -a door alarm (for convenience without installation, try a door wedge alarm) for entrance/exit doors as well as bedroom doors
    -a stickable window alarm for each window
    -fireproof safe for valuables as well as your firearm
    -a door jamb or door security bar for all the doors as well as bedroom doors (great addition to delay the door being kicked to give you those few extra seconds to get to your firearm
    -if you can afford to care for one, a dog (deterrent, companion, and warning system)

    Note: Most of the security items, except the dog, you can find in most department stores like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

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    Word; many people going to college around here BUY a house, then resale it when they graduate and recoop a lot of their money. Good idea if you can, or if parents, etc. would help out... since they get to recoop their money and help you out.

    Market is a buyer's market and may regain value by the time you graduate, and .... may be able to get a good deal on a reasonable one in foreclosure.

    Just my .02 cents.

    Plus a good DOG ... and shotgun for alert and protection. We used a leather strap with big bells (Christmas bells) tied to it on doorways.... and trained the dog to bark and alert if the bells ring. When answering the door for someone, just hold the strap so the bells don't ring. When coming in the door, give your dog a treat if he alerts.

    Put "nails" in the wood above the inside window frame so windows can't be pushed open from the outside even if they are unlocked , or a simple "clasp latch" on them.

    Cheap alarm, go to a discount store and buy an outside light that comes on when 'motion' is detected. They are about $20. Connect the wires to a plug and plug it in the wall and it's "on". Wire it safely. Then mount the light on the wall and aim it at the windows. Then put in the light sockets, those socket plug thingys.... screw in with a plug outlet in the end..... plug a stereo or siren into that and turn them up full blast. Motion detected, stereo / siren turns on full blast.... and alerts everyone. Turn it off or on by plugging / unplugging it in the wall plugs.

    I had one hooked up to a 135 dbl siren that I got at a store for $35.

    There are lots of inexpensive remedies. Be creative.
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    First mistake...Flint, MI If you look up Flint, MI in the dictionary, you'll find synonyms like robbery, home invasion, and car-jacking...
    I speak from experience.
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