My family is in a little situation.

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Thread: My family is in a little situation.

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    ""Rick" is there with "Peg's" daughter "Missy." "Rick" is not the father and to my knowledge has not adopted her. "Missy's" father retains parental rights."

    So, she took him back after he got out?

    OR, what's he doing having anything at all to do with the kid--since he ain't a parent/guardian?

    CPL might like to know... in case the kid is in danger. Which she likely is given his temper.

    I like the idea of putting some bucks on a PI so you get a better idea of what's going on.

    I'm also not all that comforted by the presence of the SRO.

    Seriously, MOVE. It will be cheaper than the hospital bill or the funeral if crazy guy goes through with his threat.

    Talk to DA's office, crime victim assistance office etc., to see if there are any funds/mechanisms to help you out given that your wife's only role was as a witness compelled by subpoena by the DA and the BG threatened her. You'd think they might want to take some responsibility for helping to arrange her/your/ your kids's safety.

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    I concur to a point here. I also favor stacking the deck legally speaking in your favor, but I also see the dealing with the threat situation also, maybe not to the point that some would, but still to a point. It has nothing to do with Ego my friend. It has to do with what we always see as ridiculous around here "Gun Free Zones" we chastize places for the BGs won't adhere to the "Gun Free Zone", well neither will the BG adhere to a court order to stay away if he doesn't feel like it. Sometimes, force must be met with force or as Sun Tzu would do, make the enemy think you are stronger then you are. Either way,, I hope you get this worked out to where you feel your families safety is not a concern anymore, that in itself is definitely not stress that you need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    It's not possible for us to have a 'shotgun' all the time however the SRO is always out front at pickup time, and he knows 'Rick.' The sign out book is just inside the front door.
    Don't know where that came from..... on shotgun's, etc. I said I always had a gun on me. If you are comfortable with the set-up, then why ask the question ?

    In my case, it was people threatening to kill me and to kidnap my 2 grandkids that were in my custody. There were serious folks , stupid but people to take seriously, they were armed most of the time, had plans, had some of their relatives involved (long rap sheets & violence) and all sorts of things. I had a reason to be armed 100 % of the time and still do, and I didn't care who liked it or not, as someone would have to kill me first to get to my grandkids or do them any harm. They soon learned that fact. I have dealt with schools, Protection and restricted pick ups at schools, SRO's, Police Chiefs and a whole lot more related to this particular issue.

    I recently, after 9 yrs, had an issue related to this and the school saying they wouldn't do this or that.... and I walked in and presented them with a court order and a copy of the laws. They were convinced by the time I left.

    You do what you want, you are the one who has to assess the risk, etc. involved and the person. I dealt with nothing but violent crimes & folks, murderers, etc. in my past job.

    I also handled my situation in the manner I felt it needed to be. I take no chances. I've seen firsthand how truly violent and stupid people can get, and helped to lock quite a few of them up as well.

    Good luck with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Free American View Post
    parramedic, since we are practically neighbors I need to ask what school?
    Carrsville ES.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    Don't know where that came from..... on shotgun's, etc. I said I always had a gun on me. If you are comfortable with the set-up, then why ask the question ?
    I meant 'riding shotgun.'
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