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My house was broken into yesterday...

This is a discussion on My house was broken into yesterday... within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have had a break-in one time many years ago, and it's a sickening feeling. There is not much one can do to prevent a ...

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Thread: My house was broken into yesterday...

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    I have had a break-in one time many years ago, and it's a sickening feeling.
    There is not much one can do to prevent a dirtbag from getting inside your home...if they want in, they CAN get in.
    An alarm that makes noise both inside and outside can help, so can a big dog...but it only helps. Nosey neighbors can really help, too.
    Location is important, and If I thought for a minute that I was in an area known for that kind of activity, I'd try looking for a new place, and quickly.
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    Great advice. A few things I didn't see mentioned:

    Meet and know your neighbors. You mentioned you just moved in, which means they probably don't know you, or your vehicles yet. So they could have thought the burglars were you, your family, etc etc. It's nice to have your neighbors watching out for you, and vice versa.

    Shrubbery under windows was mentioned, but I suggest looking into different kinds of sharp tropical plants. Living in Houston, we have very similar weather (hot and humid) to South Florida, and tropical plants seem to do well. The biggest pain is poking yourself while doing yard work. And while this won't stop a determined burglar, it leads into my next point...

    You can't make your house burglar proof with the exception of building a safe house. But, assuming you don't have the millions of dollars for bullet proof glass, steel plates in walls, etc etc, your goal is to simply make your house as unappealing to burglars as possible. It's sort of the "I don't have to outrun the bear, just my buddy next to me" scenario. Why would the burglar deal with your dogs, alarm systems, security cameras, hardened windows and doors, painful plants, excessive light (if at night), etc etc when the house down the street has none of that?

    Quote Originally Posted by alachner View Post
    Nando, another good idea for home defense is a Taurus Judge Revolver. It's a 5 shot revolver that shoots .410 bore shells and .45 Colt ammo. This wonderful revolver will deter any home invaders in a second!
    I'd read this before deciding on a Taurus Judge for self-defense.

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    If your gun is strictly for home defense and not carry, I'd suggest something like S&W's 686 with 4" barrel. It holds more ammo than a snubby and it's added weight helps with recoil if firing full power .357 loads. Of course if you plan to carry, a snubby is preferable. S&W's 640 is all stainless steel, making it a bit heavier than an alloy gun, but it too fires the .357/.38 combo. I have one that's great for carry even in hot weather.
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    Quote Originally Posted by varob View Post
    Chances are the thieves won't come back, at least for a while. They already got all the "good stuff" and know you'll be on high alert for a while.

    Implement some of the suggestions offered. When building your homes defenses, try to think like a thief. Look from the outside in. That's the way most thieves will see your house.
    Not necessarily. I had a neighbor a couple houses down who got broken into about 4 times in, I'd say 3 years. After the last time they moved.
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    I agree with most folks on here, to a degree.

    First - don't give people a place to hide, or open access to your property. I'm having a problem with this at the moment, which will be fixed immediately next summer. I have an open lot behind me, and my yard isnt' fenced. Caught people running or cutting through a few time, and I live in a quiet neighborhood. I really have to put a stop to that with a fence, which you already have, and is a good step. Like others said, skip the glass. Insurance and lawsuit nightmare. Keep bushes that give people places to hide cut back, but put small ones under windows to make entry harder. I have a barbary bush, and swear at the thing left and right when I cut the grass. But, if I hate it cutting my lawn, a BG will hate it more trying to get in the window it's under.

    Second - alarm system. Personally, -don't want one, dont' need one. However, cameras can deter people. Check out They have some great packages that can be had relatively inexpensively.

    Third - dogs. I have a beagle, not a german or a rott. Girl isn't fond of the bigger dogs, yet. We had some shady character lurking behind the house in the field last night, which the dog alerted me to when we got in the back yard. Plus, at midnight he barked from the kitchen. Worth his weight in gold. Do yourself a favor, save a dog from a shelter. You don't need a purebred dog to have a loyal friend who will alert you to danger.

    Fourth =- neighbors. One of mine doesn't play nice, but the rest I talk to regularly. We look out for each other. Make friends with OLD neighbors and single moms. The ones that are home all day, and tend to look out the window regularly. Give them your cell if you're comfortable with it.

    Fifth - weapons. Shotgun. 12ga. If you're on a budget - a remington 870 express goes for 320 new, less used. It's a pump action with a bit of a punch. If that poses a problem, get a Remington 1100. Gas action has less kick. Use 04-00 buck in 2 and 3/4 so you're not afraid to shoot it, but can still stop someone. If you aren't comfortable having to fire on someone, don't buy one. You really don't want it to be used on you in the event you can't/won't pull the trigger. IMO - training is over rated. Read online, get educated, then find a friend or a range which will rent to you or let you borrow their gun. Have them teach you basic safety. Defensive training is good , don't get me wrong, but basic safety and a strong foundation is all you need, and can get from a friend in one or two outings.

    Bars can pose problems getting out as well as in. Like say, in a fire. I don't know that i'd recommend those. Sorry about your losses - keep aware and good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    If looking to carry, consider reading Massad Ayoob's book In The Gravest Extreme before going in that direction.
    Great recommendation. This book really opened my eyes to a lot of things I'd never considered.
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    You can get a P3-AT Kel Tec for $300. A Taurus Millenium Pro 111 in 9mm is under $400, I had a Pro 145 in 45acp that ran well.
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    well, i'd just like 2 report that my alarm has been installed and we're getting estimates on hurricane impact windows... a gun will come soon.... i still feel violated, pissed off and a bit paranoid - I just hope it goes away soon, it sucks feeling like this...

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    I did a lot of research when looking for a handgun and finally decided on a .357 Magnum (specifically a Ruger SP101). It chambers both a .357 Magnum cartridge and 38. Special. It gives me a lot of flexibility in what ammunition I can use. Given that, a .357 Magnum has a lot of blast and kick and you wouldn't want to use it indoors. I use .38 Special Plus-P ammunition in urban areas and use .357 when I'm in the great outdoors.

    A .22, IMHO, just wouldn't have the stopping-power. If I got one it would be a semi-auto and I'd be sure to be sure to get a pretty-decent-sized magazine. I'd also get the best personal protection ammunition there was. If you or your loved ones really fell in love with a .22, then be sure to practice so much with it that you could hit your target no matter how stressful the situation. As they say, a hit with a .22 is better than a miss with a .45.

    I also have a 12-gauge shotgun.

    Beyond the firearms, we have a medium-sized dog, and we have motion-detector lights. I have modified my landscaping to accomodate better home security and I strive to maintain situational awareness. These all are things you should consider as well.
    The first rule of self-defense is to avoid the situation. The second rule is Train and Prepare.

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