Caribbean Cruise Defense Options

Caribbean Cruise Defense Options

This is a discussion on Caribbean Cruise Defense Options within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The wife and I are thinking of a Caribbean cruise and wonder what options we will have while traveling. It will be on Princess Cruises. ...

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Thread: Caribbean Cruise Defense Options

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    Caribbean Cruise Defense Options

    The wife and I are thinking of a Caribbean cruise and wonder what options we will have while traveling. It will be on Princess Cruises. I am pretty sure that there will be metal detectors and a gun is out of the picture, but I don't know about knives or OC.

    I was thinking about getting or making a cane for the trip.

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    I have not sailed Princess personally but all the cruiseship that I have traveled on have metal detectors as you board or get back onto the ship at a Port of call. I think a cane would be your best opotion. Take a steak knife from dinner. Here are my thoughts if other people are willing to ante up $3-4k to travel you get a better class of people.

    I have taken my family to Great Wolf Lodge it is an indoor water park that you MUST be a guest of the hotle to use the park vs CoCo Key where you can buy a day pass. After attending both I can say in my opion You get a better class of people (Not race but class.). I picked a day of Oct 8th for 1 night $308.00-$389 (2 adults and 2 kids) vs $ 48.00 4 x $12.00 per person

    Not say that something can not happen at either location or anywhere.

    Also the longer you go away for the older the people get. Who else has the time or money to go away for so long.

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    I think that you can take a pocket knife with a 2.0" - 3.5" blade, an expandable baton and a bottle of pepper spray for self defense. I don't think you will have any issues with security aboard the cruise since there is lots of security personnel and surveillance cameras. Perhaps just lock your doors at night and secure your valuables. The real issue is at the islands you will stop by since security there will be poor. That's where you should take your pocket knife, the expandable baton and the pepper spray for self defense. Nonetheless, call and check with the Cruise Line to avoid having your items confiscated.

    Have fun!!!
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    I forget the name of the book..but I am sure you can google about everyday objects you can use defensively..such as a bic pen, rolled up magazine etc etc..
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    I wouldn't worry about the ship at all, but watch the islands. Be careful about straying from the main areas. Wife and I were on St. Thomas, downtown, kinda went over near the park area, where all of the locals sell all of the stuff they steal from the tourist shops, like a big tented flea market......we got off into an area about a block from the busier sections, and I picked up 3 young punks shadowing us, crossed the street and told the Mrs. to pick up the pace, and we outwalked them into the more crowded area, and they dissappeared. If you were to stay with a large group, I think you'd be fine, just don't get separated from the herd, or just stay in main areas in the daytime. Many of the locals are very poor, and basically prone to theft/criminal activity. I wasn't impressed at all, and got a very strong hostility vibe from those types, even cabbies and such. Typical, "we hate you because you have money" type thing.

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    I actually just returned from the Caribbean. On the ship...NO WEAPONS. They metal detect you just like getting on an airplane. Even if you get something on board in your luggage and carry it off the boat onto land you will have to pitch it before you get back on as you will have to go thru the metal detectors again when you get back on the boat....

    So MAYBE the steak knife thing could work if you pitch it before you get back on the boat. But the knives in the dining room on our trip were not terribly sharp and had rounded points.....

    What we did was each take a Surefire 6P and a VERY sturdy metal bodied pen. That and a good sense of awareness backed up by some pretty good knife training from AMOK.
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    Just like on a plane, 8oz of pewter with fairly sharp edges.
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    Well... at the rate that many husbands are actually alive to finish the cruises with their wives..... I would suggest tying a rope around your waist and to the guard rail that can't be easily cut. Seems wives are making it back, but husbands are somehow mysteriously jumping ship or being thrown overboard along the way.

    Wife : Steward, oh Steward..... my husband fell of the side of the ship about 8 hrs ago, who should I notify when we reach port ?
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    This past spring the wife and I took our boys on a disney cruise and I had forgotten that I had my edc knife in my pocket, remembered it when the metal detectors went off. The security guards inspected the knife and then made me check it with them because it had a serrated edge on it, if it was not serrated they said I would have been able to continue with it. had a great time on the cruise and totally forgot about the knife till the day after we got back home and was getting dressed in the morning. thought the knife was gone forever but 3 days later a package from disney showed up in the mail with my knife in it. Thanks Port Canaveral Security.

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    You might want to check out Cold Steel's line of Nightshade blades -- made completely out of fiberglass reinforced plastic. I have a Push Dagger II, and it is very tough, and plenty sharp enough to do the job. Granted, a plastic blade is not ideal, but it beats having nothing at all. Plus, at $10 to $15, it would not be a great loss if it were confiscated.
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    We went on a RC cruise in August. I knew the gun was a no, but I brought my day pack with my leatherman, my small Winchester pocket knife and my Benchmade 730S defensive knife. RC's stated corporate policy is that knives longer than 4" are prohibited. I put all the knives in my bag as we boarded the ship and had no problem with them. Took my day pack to Cabo and took the knives off the ship, then got back on no problem. Next day in Mazatlan, coming onboard the ship the x ray guy stopped me and demanded all three. I asked to talk to the ship's security officer because obviously I had brought them onboard twice, so either their security is terrible or they need to train their guys on what is okay. Well, that got nowhere. So I got them back on Sunday in LA.
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    Another option but be VERY careful if you choose to do it - take a nose spray bottle and replace contents with pepper spray liquid. Just don't forget and use it on your or loved one's snoze.
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    I've stated this before, but I would recomend checking out the laws on the islands you plan on visiting. Many islands have strict rules about weapons. I know if you were to cruise to my island and were caught with a blade of just about any length you would get a tour of the inside of a police holding cell.....

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    I have thought about getting one of these
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