So, the doorbell rang at 4:30 am

So, the doorbell rang at 4:30 am

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Thread: So, the doorbell rang at 4:30 am

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    So, the doorbell rang at 4:30 am

    My wife called me this morning while I was driving home from my 24 hour shift at the fire station and told me that all the doors were double locked. Apparently, the front doorbell rang at about 4:30, just after our dog began a low growling walk towards the back door. She did the smart thing, stayed in the house and double locked the doors while looking out the windows. Nothing was seen, but when I arrived home I discovered that my son's Taurus had fresh jimmy marks from a screwdriver all along the doorframe. While I was surveying the damage, my neighbor came by and told me he had heard a knock at the door around 4, but couldn't see anyone in the yard. This morning, he found his pickup had been accessed, probably by the same knuckleheads. We think the BG's tried the straightforward approach and just knocked or rang. If no one came out or flipped on the light, they figured no one was home or were sleeping soundly. Several cars were hit, but no serious damage or losses were reported. I am proud and thankful that my .5 had the sense to stay in the house, but she did say that she'll call the law next time even if she doesn't see anything. All the reports have been taken and the losses tallied, but now the neighborhood is aware and watchful. If these guys try it again, I feel confident that they won't find the targets nearly as "soft" as last night. FWIW, the neighborhood I live in is so quiet that the deputy who came to take the reports has been patrolling out here for several years and wasn't familiar with our street. He told us that it was a sad fact of life, but the quieter neighborhoods were patrolled much less than the more "active" ones, meaning that there wasn't usually a deputy in the vicinity. An extra watch has been put in place by the Sheriff's office, but that only does so much. I think I'm gonna sleep like I do at the firehouse, with one ear open. Grrr, and a pox on the bad guys...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Retiredonce View Post
    An extra watch has been put in place by the Sheriff's office, but that only does so much. I.
    And it only lasts so long. You might be able to request property checks with the PD. Our local PD will do it for a week or so. Just drive by when they have the chance. Then you have to call back and request it again.

    My wife is bad for just looking out, but not saying anything. I don't want her to go out. But I told her it's probably a good idea to let them know someone is home. Just flipping on a light might work. Or get motion lights.

    Good luck.
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    Your wife did good job buddy. However I must ask... Is she prepared to repel an armed intrusion if one were to occur? For example, the door bell rings at 4 am, and when no one answers, they proceed to kick in the front door instead of messing with the car like the apparently did this time.

    Does she have access to defensive firearms and is she prepared to and willing to arm herself and fight off an intrusion?
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    That's when it would be nice to have those airport 'landing lights' all around the house so that the cameras can get some great it off with loud speakers announcing that the police are on their way.
    Sorry to hear about the dirtbags roaming the subdivision...they probably won't be back for a while as I'm sure that they have quite a wide-spread working area, but they will eventually get caught.
    The one and only problem we had around our house were working a tri-county area, and they got 'nailed'...I even got my stuff back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    That's when it would be nice to have those airport 'landing lights' all around the house so that the cameras can get some great shots
    Me and my neighbors on both sides put lights up around our roofline, along with motion sensors on all sides of our house. If a cat runs across our yards at night, it lights up like an airfield.
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    one neighbor gets a knock at the door and another gets a doorbell rung at 4 am and nobody thinks its a good idea to call the police?...a knock or doorbell is a pretty deliberate thing....not an accidental bump in the night...from the number of vehicles that might have been tampered with there is a posibbility that these guys may have been around long enough for the police to arrive while they were in the neighborhood...

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