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A poll; your HD weapon of choice

This is a discussion on A poll; your HD weapon of choice within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I only own a 1911, so that would be it for me, 8+1 in the pipe and an extra loaded magazine. I have a small ...

View Poll Results: What's your HD weapon of choice?

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  • Handgun

    329 52.72%
  • Shotgun

    243 38.94%
  • Rifle/Carbine

    41 6.57%
  • Other, RPG, Claymore, Phaser, etc

    11 1.76%
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Thread: A poll; your HD weapon of choice

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    I only own a 1911, so that would be it for me, 8+1 in the pipe and an extra loaded magazine. I have a small house, under 1100sqft and I just have one hallway to defend.
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    I'd be reaching for the M&P, plenty of FP if needed.
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    I've always told myself... if I KNOW there is somebody in the house, I'm grabbing the 500. If I heard a odd noise, but just not sure what it may have been, I'm grabbing the Hk with the TLR-2. Of course this is what I say now. When it really goes down, I'll probably just grab whats available. 500 propped up against the night stand and the Hk is in the night stand.
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    I'm slipping the 1911 in my pocket( yes I have pockets in my sleeping clothes) and grabbing the Mossberg 500 12G w/ laser and light as my first choice. If I can't stop it with those 2 I'm in a world of humdinger unpleasantries anyway.
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    G-21 and Sure Fire 6p........ That's if they get past the pitbull and dobie and the alarm system. I live in a residential community that is patroled by the local SO on a regular basis and though it is not out of the realm of possibility the chances of a home invasion or night time burglary are very low. I am comfortable with the dogs and the Glock for now.
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    A handgun is always close. In every room. Most have lights attached and all have nights sights and a flash light. Heavy back-up is a shotgun and an AR on each end of the house.
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    I've got a Remington 870 with 00 buck ready to go. However, more than likely I'll grab my Sig P220 Super Match in .45
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    At the first sound of problems, my Glock-36 would be the first thing in my hand, but my coach gun is readily available.
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    Handgun now, but as soon as i put together my DDM4v3 and aimpoint with flashlight in the spring I'll be switching to it as my HD gun.
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    My 870 Magnum would be the first thing I would go for. That still leaves the .45 and 9mm for my girlfriend to choose from.

    Forgot to mention that its loaded with oo buck. I think 3" magnum slugs might be a bit of overkill in a home defense situation.
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    Home defense weapon of CHOICE...I'm going 12 ga. If necessary, my handgun will get me to my shotgun while at home. Night time and I'm in the bed and have to defend with a pistol and 12 ga side-by-side....no doubt for me, the 12 ga. Call me old fashioned, but that's what Granny Clampett always went for. Good enough for Granny, good enough for me.
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    I voted handgun. My wife will be grabbing the shotgun.
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    It depends.

    While I voted "Shotgun", I may opt to use something else given my perception of the situation at hand. The first one grabbed may very well be a handgun however. The shotgun has been seen as a "traditional" home defense weapon of choice, and does very well at some of the jobs in home defense, but like any platform has it's drawbacks.

    I've cleared my backyard, with the local constabulary waiting as I did so, using a shotgun and a K9. I've investigated that "bump in the night" with a handgun, and had the wife hunker down with the carbine. Each weapon has it's place, and no one weapon will fill all roles. While it may have been better to have the wife hunker down with the shotgun, she is more willing to use the carbine, hence that's what she gets.

    For repeling boarders, and keeping intruders out of the safe room, I opt for the shotgun. For other roles in home defense I will most likely opt for other choices. Maybe I should bring some "Flash Bang" grenades home from work.


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    I voted shotgun, and included related story link below

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    Oct 2010
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    When i get home,i open my safe and get my Benelli M2 out.Springfield 1911TRP on the lampstand,but my loving 12 gauge,she will be first.Unless my house is being invaded by snakes,the Judge will stay under the bed.

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