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A poll; your HD weapon of choice

This is a discussion on A poll; your HD weapon of choice within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A handgun is usually closer to hand than anything else. If I have time, I'll grab a carbine. I also have a couple of real ...

View Poll Results: What's your HD weapon of choice?

624. You may not vote on this poll
  • Handgun

    329 52.72%
  • Shotgun

    243 38.94%
  • Rifle/Carbine

    41 6.57%
  • Other, RPG, Claymore, Phaser, etc

    11 1.76%
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Thread: A poll; your HD weapon of choice

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    A handgun is usually closer to hand than anything else. If I have time, I'll grab a carbine. I also have a couple of real swords in the house (don't know how I'd use them, but they fit in the "Other...." category).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    For other roles in home defense I will most likely opt for other choices. Maybe I should bring some "Flash Bang" grenades home from work.

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    My M&P45c. If my house were a bit larger I would opt for my 870 but as it stands it's difficult to maneuver it around my house.
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    If a BG can find my house, penetrate the reptile-infested moat, scale the fortress walls, access the interior, bypass the security system, and not be devoured by the hungry canines, then they can have whatever they want.
    A CCW is like a parachute; if you need one, and don't have one, you'll probably never need one again.

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    There is a locking door at the bottom of the steps that must be traversed to get from floor one to two of my home. The plan is to guard that door while waiting for the cavalry to arrive if the alarm ever goes off in the night and to put a ******* lot of fire in the fatal funnel if its first compromised by goblins. So, with that said:

    Breaking glass at o'dark thirty: Mossberg 590A1 w/weapon light

    Bump in the night: M&P 40 + handheld light

    I was just thinking over the idea of slipping a 1911 in a pocket of sleeping trousers (#34). Am I the only one that pre-positions a pair of pants with a belt, holster, and mag carrier all ready to go at the foot of the bed each night?

    ETA: I didn't use vulgarity so not sure why I got asterisks.
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    Well I love my 870, but I have no space to store it in my current bedroom, so my XD9 in a Micro Gunvault is what I have right now. Well that and my Surefire and a few reloads. When I move I plan on getting one of these and installing it somewhere in my bedroom http://www.vlineind.com/html/long_gun_case.html
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    I voted. Glad you specified first HD weapon of choice. My first line is always the pistol. Other factors determining my choices depending on circumstances come after the first choice, and generally my first choice is with me when I make those decisions.

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    As soon as it gets here it's going to be a shotgun.

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    AZ Border Territory,
    Because I live within 15 miles of our southern border and in a rural area I have recently switch from my G23 to an AK47 with 30 rds of soft point ammo for thing that go bump in the night. No kids in the house and I am not worried about over pentration

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    Didn't know how to vote on this one. As I put on my pants first thing. Which means I have an handgun, knife and flashlight on me. Than I grab either an AR or Shotgun depending on the situation.
    Reading Ram Rods post I could also answer pistol except, I consider my pistol a backup weapon anytime I have access to a long gun.

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    The question was "Weapon of Choice".

    Since this is home defense, I take that to mean, from an ensconced position. For that I will remain with my original vote, the Blunderbuss.


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    It was a joke, while here in germany I have a gerber machete, a hatchet, and many, many, knives.

    When back in the U.S.A I prefer my Benelli 12 gauge or HK USC .45.

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