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I was a sitting duck.

This is a discussion on I was a sitting duck. within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; It's important to note, however, that failing to be circumspect such that a person is targeted and harmed also results in the criminals having won. ...

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Thread: I was a sitting duck.

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    It's important to note, however, that failing to be circumspect such that a person is targeted and harmed also results in the criminals having won. The trick is to find a helpful middle ground, one that's still a safe method of doing things but one that also ends up helping the people who are actually in need. That involves circumspection, retention of one's security steps, a healthy dose of "people watching" skills, and knowing there are generally several ways in which help can be offered.
    Well my view is to proceed with caution...not disdain
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    Quote Originally Posted by ctsketch View Post
    Well my view is to proceed with caution...not disdain
    No form of help need be offered up with disdain or discourtesy. There's no need.
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
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    I used to stop and help every body I saw that was changing a tire or on the side of the road but one time when I was about 16 I stopped to help an older gentleman who had gotten a flat on one of our country roads I asked if he needed help, as I walked up to him asking if he needed help two guys in their thirties jumped out of the back seat and told me if I know whats good for me I'd get lost. These two bums were jsut sitting in the back letting this 70 something older man do all the work. I thought maybe these two guys kidnapped this old man or something so I asked him if he was ok and he said he was and one of the younger gentleman again told me to get lost or he would use me as a car jack and while I was walking back to my pickup he was following me which made me nervous so sped up my pace a bit to get to my pickup where I had a .38 revolver holstered on the emergency brake that I used to kill rattlesnakes. I quickly hopped in and took off before he could make good on his threat.
    Now I'm very cautious about stopping to help and only do so if it is an older couple or somebody that looks like they need help which is sad out here but those guys ruined it for me. I told my dad what happened as he was at the house and half a mile from this car so went down and changed the old mans tire because his two worthless grandsons weren't helping him. My dad also asked the one that threatened me if he would like to make him (my dad) the same threat he had me. The guy declined and dad said the two bums just sat in the back seat the whole time but dad said he was ready to stick the tire iron where the sun didn't shine if one got out and threatened him. I felt like a wuss and everytime I stop to help someone I think of that time and it makes me extra catious. But I do still try to help.

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    I'm not against helping people in need, but there are a lot of con artists out there with some great stories. Plenty of robbed and raped individuals fall for these stories.
    One has to be very careful these days.
    Stay armed...be cautious...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    IMO - You're right! You were a sitting duck! Whether or not you or anyone chooses to assist someone in 'apparent' need, being able to defend if need arrises is still a concern/responsibility.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghettokracker71 View Post
    Yikes. Maybe you could start bringing some other weapons with you? OC, knife/knives, etc in your checked luggage? We (wife, me &daughter) just got back from Daytona Beach,FL and I didn't have any firearms with me, but I put all my folders in a ziplock and put it in my checked luggage, so I had two (strong and weak side) and my wife had one with her, better than nothing.
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    When we stop showing kindness to our fellow man...the criminals have won.
    I actually couldn't find the tire iron. Maybe it was under the spare, but I wasn't about to lug it out.
    I guess if it was handy, I might have walked it over to his car before handing it to him.
    I didn't like being bent over in the trunk with a stranger off to my side. He did not threaten me at all. But.........
    And he was parked in a hotel lot, so it made sense to get hotel security involved.

    ........and my Chinese carry out was getting cold...............yes, I was kind of cold hearted.

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    In hindsight (always clearer) wouldn't he have already had the spare out of his car to determine whether or not there was an iron? If there was no sign of things taken apart by his car it would be harder to believe that he really had a problem. Furthermore, if he is staying at a place that actually has hotel security, wouldn't he also have a AAA or Mr. Rescue or credit card to pay for a roadside assist?

    It does seem like you were a sitting duck. Maybe when you cannot travel with a gun you could wear the proverbial cc vest to at least deter the target look. Or maybe that is the wrong message? Either way it appears that this person did not want to pursue you - if in fact this was a ruse.

    But then again maybe men are more willing to try to fix something themselves at night before calling for help.

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    I can relate to the working, no gun problem. I travel for work and often do not have a gun. Checking in baggage is not an option. I decided to carry a 200 lumen surefire flashlight made with “High-strength aerospace aluminum” that can double as a Kubotan. I place it in my carry on not on my person when I go through security. So far no issues. My theory is I can blind them buying myself 2-5 seconds, then attack or run. It’s not the best option, but its something I can carry everywhere.

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