Boyton Beach, FL man

Boyton Beach, FL man

This is a discussion on Boyton Beach, FL man within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Was watching my local news station (N.FL) and saw a quick report about a man found to be carrying a 40cal Glock, a spare 30 ...

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Thread: Boyton Beach, FL man

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    Boyton Beach, FL man

    Was watching my local news station (N.FL) and saw a quick report about a man found to be carrying a 40cal Glock, a spare 30 round magazine, 2 knives, pills without prescription and a pepper grenade in a Boyton Beach, FL Wal-Mart check-out line. The only thing I don't see is how he was found to be carrying in the first place? No mention of having / not having a concealed weapons permit. Did he do something to get noticed? Was he printing? If anyone knows more about this story I would really like to know how the police figured out he was carrying all these objects? I live in FL, and unless something has changed...there is nothing wrong with carrying inside of Wally,3941044.story
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    There appears to be some strange stuff going on.
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    Retired or not,to carry under LEOSA IIRC he has to do several things,An unconcealed glock with a 30 round mag will draw attention(Didn't know they made 30 round 40 cal mags) And during the interview prescription pills without any proof they are yours is gonna get you arrested,If It turns out he doesn't have a prescription then Guns and Illegal possession of Drugs together is bad juju
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    In court this morning, prosecutors told Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Krista Marx that Scott had five previous arrests, one for a misdemeanor and four for felonies.

    If he had a felony permit would be possible.
    This guy was apparently a frequent flyer.
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    The guy claims to have an Arizona permit, but that doesn't matter as he was open carrying in Florida and obviously wasn't on his way to a hunting/fishing location.

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    I do not think it sounds quite right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    In court this morning, prosecutors told Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Krista Marx that Scott had five previous arrests, one for a misdemeanor and four for felonies.

    If he had a felony permit would be possible.
    This guy was apparently a frequent flyer.
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    There will more coming from this story. Was he carrying openly or concealed? Doesn't Florida ban open carry?
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    Man arrested for packing gun at Boynton Beach Walmart

    Scott lives out of state and was visiting his ill mother, he said Friday afternoon. He said he was in the store buying her supplies.

    He expects the charges will be dropped, he said.

    "I've just never been so humiliated in my life," Scott said.

    A police log said Scott wore a .40-caliber Glock handgun with a 30-round magazine in a holster at his hip, as well as two concealed knives and a "pepper grenade."

    There is more read the article.
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    I read about this on anther forum. It said he was open carrying. Apparently he wasn't aware that it's illegal in FL.

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    a bit I read said that the felony conviction was a case of mistake ID. that was another guy with the same name. not him.
    "Assistant State Attorney Rob Melchiorre later said he'd checked and the arrest record was in fact for a different person."
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    I hope to goodness his identity was stolen rather than have 4 felonies,or he is in trouble! Is open carry legal in Fl? If not...

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    I was under the impression that he has a clean record, and that the 'previous convictions' are the result of ID Theft. I'll be very interested in how the facts come out on this case.

    There are some really slummy areas over by West Palm / Boynton beach. Everyone thinks those places are glam capitals, but if you drive through the neighborhoods it looks like Haiti or Dominican Republic. I used to drive through those areas back when I lived in Hardee County, and I never liked to stop for stop signs in the residential areas. I bet the local Walmarts in that area have less class than a prison courtyard, and with less reputable characters. I can't blame him for having a stick in his Glock.

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    Numerous gang shootings have occurred in that mall and surrounding area in recent times. It is not the area it use to be 20 years ago. Florida does not have a open carry statute unless going to and from hunting or fishing with hunting or fishing license. Prescriptions in an unmarked bottle on his person and being a former federal LEO and not checking gun laws in the state you are traveling in dosen't make to much sense either. Pupils look a little dilated but maybe it's the lights in the jail booking area. Something is not passing the smell test here.
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    1. Open carry is very restrictive in FL and legal only when traveling directly to/from fishing/hunting sites. Going to Walmart is not going to fall under the OC allowences.

    2. One must have the issued bottle for all perscription drugs. The DEA could haul grandma off to jail and charge her for having those 7-day pill containers in her nightbag without the perscriptions on hand.

    3. FL will honor the AZ CC permit if the bearer is a "resident" of AZ. FL does not honor third party permits (for instance: NY resident with Ohio Non-resident permit would not be honored in FL).

    4. If his AZ permit is for firearms only (I don't know), it would not cover the knifes or pepper grenade. FL issues a "Concealed Weapons and Firearms License." Firearms--by state statute definition--are not defined as "weapons." This could be the basis for the "concealed weapons" charge. "Ordinary" pocket knives are not classified as "weapons."

    5. Without reading through the statutes to determine, a "pepper grenade" may be illegal in FL. Pepper sprays are legal.

    6. Felony arrests are NOT felony "convictions."

    If this guy is a retired LEO, he's certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer and it's probably good he retired. He needs to find smarter "collegues" when seeking advice. This will be interesting to hear the outcome, but knowing the Post, if they bother to print a follow-up, it will be buried wher no one except the parrots will see it.
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