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Gun to leave home with the wife

This is a discussion on Gun to leave home with the wife within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A DA/SA 3'' to 5'' Smith would be something to consider, along with range and safety class. Good luck...

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Thread: Gun to leave home with the wife

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    A DA/SA 3'' to 5'' Smith would be something to consider, along with range and safety class. Good luck
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    My wife has options. A 9mm, 12 ga, and pepper spray in the bedroom. After I sprayed my pepper spray in my pants pocket and had to deal with that mess. I told her I would rather her shoot someone than spray pepper spray in our house. The good stuff is pretty nasty to deal with. Just a thought.

    Whatever you do, get her involved in the decision. My wife progressed from .22 pistol to 9mm to 12 ga with some practice. She needs to be invested in the decision if you want her to practice and become competent with what SHE chooses. If she is willing to practice with it, she can learn to shoot anything.
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    Get the shotgun and a good revolver as stated. It doesn't matter if the shotgun is "unwieldly". Her role is to get to the baby, shut the door and shoot any BG who comes into the room.

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    agree completely on the training and family sitdown. we should have a gameplan and understanding of security issues when im not home. Especially if I deploy (although then i could leave the .45 behind).

    I'm really surprised at the recommendations of the shotty, with reduced recoil loads I can see that as being a viable option. just need to get her out to the range with me so she can get comfortable with the action. she can get over having a sore shoulder if it means knowing how to protect the homestead should the situation arise :)

    i really appreciate the insight so far.
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    My wife likes the simplicity of her revolver but the trigger was too heavy until I polished it and changed springs. She also won't use our shotgun much because it's too hard for her to manage while holding the baby or gathering our daughter out of her room. Without trigger work on a revolver, my wife prefers a trigger like a Glock. She digs the 1911 but she still forgets the safety sometimes so doesn't have enough confidence in it yet. She practices quite a bit and for her, she likes her smooth .38 out of her options but a Glock or Sig is her second choice and the shotgun is only for when one of us can manage kids and the other can take the long gun.

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    I am thinking Coachgun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old School View Post
    Having her take an NRA class may help her to feel more at ease also.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^I'm in this camp^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Or at the very least, get her out to the range with you, to get some time in so she will be more comfortable and learn/know safe firearms handling.

    As for what firearm to choose.?

    get a .357 and load it with .38's and that should be sufficient.
    If money is an issue, check out,,,, as they usually have a good supply of old police turn in revolvers.

    Somehow I could not find the revolvers they list in their mail-in catalog which I've recieved in the past.
    They have a wide assortment of firearms in this mailer, from rifles to shotguns , etc C&R, Military and so forth, in addition to the S&W police revolvers.
    Here is the link to their"request a catalog page".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    I am thinking Coachgun.
    I was thinking the same thing or perhaps the Mossberg HS410. After reviewing the specs I'm actually interested in the Coach 410 for myself. The compact and simple design is perfect for that one rare occasion.
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    What gun to leave home with the wife? Ask her that.

    She's the one that would have to use it, have access to it quickly enough to be useful, and at the same time keep it away from the kids.

    The short answer? The one she wants.

    You might show her the website. It's excellent.

    My wife picked a Ruger LCR (went and bought it herself, showed it to me when I came home from hunting ground hogs one afternoon) for downstairs. We'd been to gun stores together frequently. She got input, spent time at the range renting and shooting various guns. When the LCR came out she liked it from the time she picked it up. She knew the recoil would be snappy but she didn't want much weight when she decides to carry it. She doesn't shoot it a lot. She has a 6" 686 in the bed side safe. She shoots the 686 at steel plate shoots 2 or 3 times a year, and will occasionally ask to accompany me to the range when I'm going to be practicing with my Glocks. Works for me.

    The important thing is that they are her choices, she owns them, she has taken the time to go to the range and learn to use them, and she understands them.

    My wife went and got her CCL on her own too.

    She's a keeper! I figured that out 42 years ago.


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    I recently posted a blog about this very subject. I plan on writing another sometime soon and go into more detail about home defense guns. Hope it can help you and others.

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    Revolver: S&W ladysmith.
    Pistol: Sig P-238
    Shotgun: Mossberg 500 in .410 (18 1/2" barrel)
    Rifle: No.

    She must be comfortable shooting it. It's no good to have a gun that the invader simply takes away from her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hkchris View Post
    Get the shotgun and a good revolver as stated. It doesn't matter if the shotgun is "unwieldly". Her role is to get to the baby, shut the door and shoot any BG who comes into the room.
    That pretty much sums it up. Your wife needing to use a gun is that worse case scenario and if she's not ready to carry a gun then practice with a shotgun and plan to barricade herself is the best bet.

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    Under stress she must hit her attacker, so unless she agrees to the extra training. I say a short single shot 12 ga. w/an 18 inch bbl , auto ejector. Its as simple as it gets to operate and effective. I leave it for the wife here loaded with federal tactical OO buck. On the stock is a USGI M1 carbine stock pouch with 4 extra rds.

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    I'd recommend a trio for defense: The Ruger SP101 is an ultra-reliable and easy to control pistol. Getting the .357 model allows you to scale down the loads to comfortable .38 rounds or up to the most potent .357. Get the Crimson Trace laser grip as a back-up but make sure she is competent with the iron sights.

    Next, pepper spray for the house, car and her purse. Buy a few, pay attention to the expiration dates and put them near all likely entry confrontation areas.

    Last is the nasty little marine air horns, the ones typically banned at sporting events. In fact, buy a bunch and gift them to your next door neighbors too. Put together a plan with your neighbors that if anyone hears someone laying on the air horn, it's an emergency. Your houses are close enough and the horns loud enough to make a great neighborhood warning system. For medical, police or fire emergencies, the neighborhood is stronger as a group. And a bad guy really doesn't want to stick around when someone is blasting one of those ear-splitting horns, especially if it's in his face.

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    you need a full coverage solution

    first, talk....with her about what she thinks is appropriate, then answer back appropriately....believe me--this is the foundation for it all
    if she says pepper spray/taser then you need to tell her about the spray not being a stopper (guy can still shoot, stab, etc), taser will only work if she gets good probe hits with proper spread and its one shot
    but more importantly.....if a dirtbag is IN THE HOUSE they are not there to collect for the Red Cross or there for tea...she has to have the mental fortitude to realize her and the kid's lives are in jeopardy and its my opinion that its not time for less lethal spray or shock treatment...its time for deadly force = firearm

    shotgun is a great option....if she is built for it (arm length, body type, etc), some women are not and it can be a big turnoff to shooting/practicing, it can be hard to handle properly in order to be effective as needed
    handgun....let her shoot a bunch to see what she likes, fits her hand, and she WANTS...just like when choosing a carry weapon

    if this is going to be used in the house, and this is just my opinion as a shooter and a cop, the weapon needs to be something powerful enough to do the job and have the right ammo
    her scenarios will be at in the house distances where a dirtbag will be coming in with a fury to get at her when she is discovered and that piece of garbage needs to be overwhelmed and devastated with lead, and if it was my wife it would nothing less than 9mm (thats what she has now), she needs something with more than 6 shots (again only my opinion) such as a G19 or similar, it has higher capacity, longer slide/more weight to help with recoil, easy to operate under stress

    next is training, some have already suggested NRA and I agree she needs something, anything thats for her, maybe include the appropriate permit class for her even if she doesn't think she wants to carry away from the house right now

    good luck
    Certified Glock Armorer
    NRA RSO, Instructor

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