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Thread: Gun to leave home with the wife

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    Anyone one else bewildered by the thought of a house hold with only one firearm in it for defense?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alachner View Post
    I would get her a Ruger SP-101 .357 Magnum revolver with a 3.06" barrel.
    This would be my suggestion, only adding the Hogue Monogrip is all I can suggest. Heavy enough for her to manage recoil with 38's starting out, light enough she won't feel like she is holding a brick, and it could double as a carry piece for you if needed. When you get her some range time and she is comfortable with it you can work her her up through +p rounds and then on to full magnum loads.

    Most importantly would be range time and training along with working on her mindset to ensure that she would be capable of using the gun if needed. If that mindset isn't there she doesn't need the gun to be taken away from her when she is second guessing her actions, and the gun end up being used against her and your child.

    Oh and as 64zebra has suggested, getting her to go through a CHL class wouldn't be a bad idea. She would then know the laws of your state and wouldn't have to second guess her actions. It would come from a third party, so your off the hook. Several of the women who have attended our classes have said even if they don't send the paperwork in they are glad they took the class because it is now clear to them what they can and can't do to protect themselves or their family.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I'm going through the same thing with my wife right now.

    I would recommend a Ruger SP101 (.357), Glock 19, Kahr K9, Sig P229, or Sig P239.

    It would probably be a good idea to also have a long gun for her to able to use. I liked the idea someone posted regarding
    • Grabbing the child(ren)
    • Barricading herself in a room with a long gun ready-to-use
    • Call 9-1-1, telling them where she lives, name, what's happening, and where she is at in the home and that she has a gun, staying on the phone with the 9-1-1 operator even until LE make contact with her

    20ga semi-automatic shotgun, or a semi-automatic carbine rifle (something like .223 with a good recoil-absorbing stock) would be a good choice for her.

    A Taser C2 and mace would also be good additions (could carry the mace and/or Taser on her person if she doesn't want to carry a pistol, could buy her some time to get to the firearm(s)).

    Owning a dog could also tilt the odds in her favor, also buying her some time.

    I also agree that training classes would be very helpful, I'm looking into them for my wife as well. Self-defense (martial arts) training as well.

    All depends on what your wife is willing to do and commit to, and that's something that's her decision.

    Home defense is not simply owning a firearm, there should be a web/system with awareness (and instinct) being crucial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waltah View Post
    agree completely on the training and family sitdown. we should have a gameplan and understanding of security issues when im not home. Especially if I deploy (although then i could leave the .45 behind).

    I'm really surprised at the recommendations of the shotty, with reduced recoil loads I can see that as being a viable option. just need to get her out to the range with me so she can get comfortable with the action. she can get over having a sore shoulder if it means knowing how to protect the homestead should the situation arise :)

    i really appreciate the insight so far.
    Many self defense firearms trainer will tell you a shotgun is the easiest home defense weapon to learn how to use properly. Simple manual of arms. A true point and shoot weapon. Pistols and rifles take a greater commitment and time to shoot effectively. Which I suspect is why shotguns seem to be the All American HD weapon.

    A quality short barreled shotgun like a Mossberg 590A1 shotgun with a BlackHawk (KNOXX) Spec Ops Recoil Reducing Stock loaded with Federal Tactical Reduced Recoil FLITECONTROL Buckshot. Can be easily handled by your wife and will effectively stop any intruder.

    The BlackHawk (KNOXX) Spec Ops Recoil Reducing Stock really works. Effectively reducing recoil up to 85% and is adjustable for length of pull so it will fit both you and your wife perfectly. I have had a 5 foot 100 pound lady shoot 3 inch magnum loads out of my Mossberg all day long with nary a bruise or sore spot. Her first time shooting ever. Nothing thrills a first time shooter and inspires enthusiasm for shooting than making huge holes with consistent hits with a powerful weapon like a 12 gauge. Use birdshot for practice because it makes nice big impressive looking holes in paper.

    The stock also reduces muzzle rise allowing for faster accurate follow up shots. Out of my Mossberg the Federal Tactical Reduced Recoil FLITECONTROL 00 Buckshot constantly produced patterns of under 5 1/2 X 1 19/32 at 60 feet well within acceptable limits for home defense. My shotgun has a light which I think is mandatory for any HD shotgun, mounted to the fore end with a MAKO T-Grip that also helps reduce muzzle rise and smoothly chambering rounds. For fast target acquisition I have a Red Dot sight. It is simple easy to deploy weapon that I can have anyone with average motor skills shooting accurately in an hour.

    The hard part is getting my shottie back before they shoot up all of my ammo.
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    I leave out a Dan Wesson 357Mag revolver with 2 1/2 inch barrel for my 20'ish daughter when I'm out. It's heavy and absorbs 38 Special recoil very well and she knows she can handle it. We keep it loaded with Speer Gold Dots.

    edit - don't forget folks that at short ranges inside a house, usually 15 feet or less, a shotgun even with an 18 inch barrel does not spread very much and must still be carefully aimed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waltah View Post
    i really want to get a mossberg 500 shotty but something tells me she will frown upon that, not to mention a bit cumbersome in a house. ill talk to her tonight and get her to the range.

    she's not gun shy, grew up in a pro gun family so this shouldnt be too hard to figure out with some help from experienced folks as yourself.
    shouldn't be cumbersome at all as she shouldnt be doing search and clear operations. Barricade and wait would be my recommendations along with calling 911.
    The 1911 is an antiquated weapons system but then again, so am I.
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    I would buy a Mossberg 590A1 SPX 18.5" barrel 6 shot 12 gauge pump shotgun to leave at home for the wife loaded with 00 Buckshot. The best strategy would be for her to gather the children quickly, call 9-1-1, barricade themselves in the main bedroom and point the 12 gauge shotgun at the door waiting for help. A pistol or revolver would require more training and can be cumbersome to manipulate under stress so a shotgun would be perfect for this role. I also recommend you get the Shotluck Shotgun Vault for $169.00 which will allow you to wall mount your shotgun securely and strategically out of the reach of children and ready for quick access in case of an emergency. The Shotluck has a numeric keypad so it is easy and quick to manipulate.

    Mossberg 590A1 SPX 18.5" Barrel


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    Lots of things to consider when arming someone, especially those who don't do a lot of shooting and don't have a fondness for guns. As others have mentioned, she will need a firearm that is easy to operate in a stressful stituation and fits her hand well. One of the biggest issues is having confidence in what you have in your hand and that only comes with knowledge and practice.

    The other issues that come into play are things such as, is she prepared to take that shot and not have the weapon taken away? Is she aware of staying put in a safe position(with the weapon) and with a phone.

    Again, range time, a correct for her firearm, confidence and the mindset that goes along with everything else.

    My wife uses a Glock 19, is required to have range time several times a year and I have inbeded the notion that an intruder will try to take her gun away or call her bluff.

    As mentioned, another option is enrolling her in a firearms self defense course taught by professionals for women.

    Good luck with your decision, provide her with all the "tools" she'll need to successfully defend herself and her family.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Luttrel View Post
    Anyone one else bewildered by the thought of a house hold with only one firearm in it for defense?
    "Beware the man with only one gun, he's probably good with it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waltah View Post
    Obviously I carry when out of the house, so that led me to ponder what am I doing leaving my wife (and 1 year old daughter) home with no means of defense? I'm going to talk to her tonight, I'm sure she'll ask about pepper spray/taser or whatever but I'd feel better if she had a weapon at home. We live in a neighborhood where the houses aren't far apart (50ft or so). Would pepper spray make sense? She could stop an intruder temporarily to leave the house or try to get away. Another concern would be how well she would do under pressure and aiming the weapon. She's shot a .22 pistol before but we all know that's like shooting an air soft.

    Id appreciate any pointers here on what to pursue for a home defense weapon for my wife. I'm open to all suggestions. We live in a nice neighborhood and practice good security with door/window locking. not answering for strangers unless im home, etc. I would just feel better if she had something at home with her.

    thanks folks.
    Let me weigh in on this. When I teach noobs I always start them out with a .22 to get the fundamentals down and not instill bad habits. I progress them through .38 & 9mm, and .40 & .45 of they are willing and ready.

    Since she has fired .22 before, you are a step ahead.

    Go to a range where you can rent a variety of weapons that SHE wants to try.

    I very highly recommend she learn how to operate yours since you already have it. You might be surprised, my wife's EDC is a SIG .45. Go figure. When she first started shooting, she didn't think she could shoot someone until I asked her "What if they are going to hurt the baby?" She would shoot them, she said. I just had to expand her point of view.

    I recommend she have something she can operate one handed. She could very well be holding your daughter when the SHTF. It has to be something she is comfortable with. If she likes it she may practice more and / or go shooting with you. If she is willing to learn but realistically isn't going to train, you can't really go wrong with a double action revolver at least in a .38. No magazines to worry about, it can stay loaded forever (realistically speaking) and has a simple manual of arms. If she likes shooting, you might want to look at a 9mm like a Glock. Same trigger pull every shot and a simple manual of arms. If she really likes shooting, you might end up w/ another 1911. You can then have commonality of equipment, same magazines, same ammo, etc. A good friend of mine carries a full size Kimber as his duty weapon and his wife really liked the compact version of the same gun. She shoots the compact better than she shoots his.

    A shotgun is good IF she is comfortable with it. As for some who think it is easy to get hits with should remember that shot spreads an average of 1 inch per yard. At 10 feet, that's about 3 inches. She still needs to aim.

    BTW a .22 is better than harsh language.

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    I'ma vote fer a shotty,My wife has a mossberg 930 semi auto,less felt recoil and 9 pellets of 00 whos yur daddy
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    My wife knows where the shotgun is and how to rack one up. She also has access to the gun safe where her pistol is stored. I would prefer she keep her pistol a little closer, but she refuses to do so, and even though she has her permit, doesn't carry, ever. I do, but she won't.

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    My wife has come to like my single shot 4-10 and she shoots it rather well so thats what i leave her with and let her shoot when i can get her to.


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    Best all 'round?

    This is a common subject thread, and what surprises me is the M1 .30 Carbine is generally overlooked in lieu of shotguns and AR's. With HP or SP ammo the .30 Carbine has all the compromise features you are trying balance out. Anyone who has not handled and shot one owes it to themselves to do so. It fills a niche and causes an itch like no other.

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    If the houses are as close together as you state, the rifles, carbines and high powered handguns (.357 Mag, 9mm, etc) may be more of a danger to the neighbors than the BGs. I know people knock the .410 bore, but this is where it shines. There is a reason that it is universally (all over the world) known as the "Yard Gun" or "Garden Gun" and allowed for private ownership in countries where other weapons are not (UK for one). The Mossberg 500 in .410 or the Coach gun below in .410 are probably your best bet. I would go with the Stoeger if you feel she might get flustered and lose manual dexterity under pressure. There is also the advantage that she can keep it unloaded (child safety) and carry the shells in her pocket. It doesn't take long to load. After reading this post I have decided to buy my wife, (a mechanical disaster with anything with moving parts!) one of these in SS and black (easy upkeep) If you worried about knockdown power, teach her to shoot both barrels in the BG's face. (As a former LEO I have found that women feel more likely to go for the face) If it doesn't kill him he is going to be worried about a whole lot more than continuing his attack. There is also a very strong intimidation factor to any double barreled shotgun.

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