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I had a dirt bag try to stop by our home last night

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Thread: I had a dirt bag try to stop by our home last night

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    Bad things happen to good people, but not today dirtbag!

    Few things in this world are lower than fly specks on feces, but home invaders are. They are the bottom of the scum barrel

    I think that you did good
    Trust in God and keep your powder dry

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    Sounds like you did fine its tough to sleep after something like that. Storm doors and security doors help a little and serve as a minor buffer which then you can witness their intent without getting the main door pushed back into you, basically buys a few seconds to react.

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    It sounds to me as though you did it as well anyone should.Wife goes to safe room with child, you take care of the matter at hand, and you relayed for her to call police.

    I should hope my daughters and wife would conduct themselves as you, should the knuckledraggers be brazzen and persistent enough, and make it past the chocolate lab and the lab/dob mix to escalate things.
    I would rather die with good men than hide with cowards
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    Far as I'm concerned, this went very well.

    I've got no problem with you opening your door to see what said dirt bag wanted. I'm in the school that says that if you can't open your own door, then you are a prisoner in your own property. I'm not afraid of dirt bags - they should be afraid of me.

    I do not think this particular individual will be back as you showed him you are a hard target but you never know for sure.
    Agreed. He's off in search of easier prey. Glad this went well for you and congrats on taking care of business in a smooth, methodical way.
    "It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first."

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    I think you handled it well, just one thing, remember there have been cases where the BG have waited till just when they knew the person was in front of the door and shot through the door. Be careful the way you approach the door, check through a side window first. I think you did good tho. Don't think he'll be back to your address.
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    I really wouldn't want to open the door up late at night. If you have a two-story house I would suggest communicating through the window rather than the door.

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    I just had a guy stop by my house just yesterday supposedly selling rug shampoo materials. I talked to him through the storm door and told him that I was not interested and closed the door. He said "C'mon Man" and by the time he got the first word out the door was closed. This happened during broad daylight and if it had been at night I would have told him to "Get off of my property".

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    Glad everything ended well. IMO you and your wife did everything right.
    "The Second Amendment: America's Original Homeland Security"

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    My wife has a 9mm and a 20 ga, I have a .40 cal and a 12 ga. and an AR-15. If they try to force entry in my home....they have had a bad day.
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    You did good. Obviously the guy thought he was going to push the subject and get inside, for probably a bad outcome, and he soon realized he wasn't. The "don't call the police" comment was a very huge flag right there, besides the fact his broken down car drove away ok. If you had not been armed, the outcome could have been quite different.

    HA, ha, ha.... it made me think of a day when I was cleaning a short double barrel shotgun and idiot kept banging on my door and banging on my door. It ticked me off they didn't just go away. So, I went to the door (had the shotgun in my hand and pointed upward), jerked it open and ask the guy "what is you think you need " . He got big eyed, start stuttering (never saying anything understandable) and then almost "ran" away... he left so quick. Don't know why he was so pushy with the constant banging on the door, but he changed his mind in a hurry.
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    that is scary OP.....you did good.....

    the only thing i would have done different (and do) is if someone knocks on my door and i do not know you......the door does not get opened for ANYBODY

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    You handled that very well, the dirtbag will not return to YOUR place unless he is really stupid and requires the standard transformation from repeat offender to dead offender...hopefully NOT!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    I've always thought that a video door intercom would be a great tool. There are lots out there, though many appear cheapo's, does anyone have any experience with a good reliable brand?

    To the OP, I don't know your outside home layout, but I suppose this BG could have had a buddy nearby who would have joined him had he been able to open your door. Him pleading with you not to call the police suggests to me this guy is probably wanted and/or something about his car is suspicious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Back 40 View Post
    Thanks guys, I had no idea how amped up something like this can get you. I took a good 30-45 min for my heart rate to come back down. I'll give the police dept a call and ask them to bump up the drive bys. Luckily we are right by a college so we get both our city police and the campus police covering our area.

    I should also say that the turn out time was pretty dang good. They were there within 3-4 min.
    If things had gone South, 3-4 min. response time could be a lifetime. Thank goodness your outside door was locked and you were armed. Why would someone who is broke down say "Don't call the police".
    You can educate ignorance, you can't fix stupid
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    I don't open the door after dark. Give me a number, I'll call them for you, you can wait in your car. Glad it turned out well for you.
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