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What if any law is being broken?

This is a discussion on What if any law is being broken? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; One thing I forgot to add, and not sure if anyone else has mentioned it. You should post No Trespassing signs all over your property. ...

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Thread: What if any law is being broken?

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    One thing I forgot to add, and not sure if anyone else has mentioned it. You should post No Trespassing signs all over your property. Especially where you have seen them standing before.

    Once you have the property posted, you can have them arrested. May be a minor inconvenience as far as they are concerned, but it puts them on record with the police for trespassing. Just something which should be done at the very least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911srule View Post
    Been awhile since I've been here. Long story short besides my visitors with criminal intent, it was also local police! Rumor has it they were primarily looking for a charge on ME. This is what happens when your enemies have friends like the District Magistrate and Chief of Police and you call the police so much they tire of you. Last I knew, its not illegal when awakened at night by a prowler, to arm yourself and walk outside around your home to check things. Lesson learned, NOT a good idea, and not something I'll do in the future but NOT illegal by any means. A total can of worms! So if you communicate your problem to police or anyone refrain from showing emotional distress. It may be misinterpreted as YOU being the problem. Under no circumstances discuss or vent about an issue online. Very likely your words will be used against you .At least we now know what the heck was happening. Not sure if police talked with our convict , but his visits are much less now.Maybe once a month he'll drive by just to let us know we're not forgotten. I just thought I'd add this and ask this thread to be closed.Thanx guys, support appreciated.
    It sounds like there is large part of the story missing here....
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    Maybe Im old school, but I'd jus go ask the guy what he was doing

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    Time to start cleaning your guns out on the front porch?
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    The County Assessor , was going around taking pictures of houses. HE got to my house...... my female neighbor went out, asked him what he was doing with a camera taking pictures of my house, made him produce ID, called the police, gave him the 1-2 in the meantime and scared the hell out of him..... he never came back. Good neighbors are wonderful. Around here, you best not be messing around anyone's house unwanted , unknown or undesired. LOL.

    They asked me to take a picture and mail it to them, they refused to come by there again.
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