Our 4 legged security had to be put down

Our 4 legged security had to be put down

This is a discussion on Our 4 legged security had to be put down within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Magneto a Lab/Shep mix who had guarded our grandchildren, secured our home, and stopped a robbery of the house across the street simply got too ...

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Thread: Our 4 legged security had to be put down

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    Our 4 legged security had to be put down

    Magneto a Lab/Shep mix who had guarded our grandchildren, secured our home, and stopped a robbery of the house across the street simply got too old and was in constant pain. He was 14 years old and was in so much pain we had to put him down.

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    So sorry hard to lose such a faithful companion.
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    Sorry to hear it. A good dog is as hard to replace as a good wife is hard to find.
    Great privilege comes with great responsibility.

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    I am so sorry for you and your family's loss, my condolences sir.

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    Sorry for you loss. Feel good in that he had a good home, he couldn't have done any better anywhere else. He loved you too!
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    Sorry to hear the news. You're in my thoughts. You performed the greatest act of love for Magneto, although it certainly does not feel that way right now.
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    Many sympathies, you're in our thoughts.
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    Been there, done that Buddy, and will be there again.

    May you find some solace in the following........................

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    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. When we had to put Ruby, our German Shorthair down, I was crushed. She also had raised grandchildren, been a faithful protector, wonderful friend, and physical conditioning coach. It took almost 4 years to get to the point where Otis the snaggle-toothed boxer rescued me. I hope your healing is faster.

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    Very sorry to hear this...I am a canine lover, and losing such a faithful friend is very difficult.
    Hang in there....
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    It's always a hard decision. Very sorry.

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    Sorry to hear this. Our 4 legged friends are cherished.
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    My wife and I have broken hearts with you...... No one but dog lovers understand the relationship or the loss....

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    Over the years I have had to put to many beloved, faithful loyal friends to rest. I am sorry for your loss but glad for the time you had with him.

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    Losing a member of the family is never easy. I truly feel your pain. We went through the same situation a year ago.

    God bless!
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