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Securing a safe in a rental house??

This is a discussion on Securing a safe in a rental house?? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Big and heavy is great, as long as the floor supports it. We're doing a remodel now and advised the engineer that we wanted to ...

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Thread: Securing a safe in a rental house??

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    Big and heavy is great, as long as the floor supports it. We're doing a remodel now and advised the engineer that we wanted to have a 1200-2000 lbs. safe in a specific place. He added a footing under the floor (not a slab house, elevated with crawl space under the floor) to support the safe. If your rental house isn't slab, you may need to look at other options.

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    Great idea on bolting them back to back. One safe by itself is tough to move two bolted together nearly impossible with out the right equipment and lots of time.

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    All good ideas. I like the back-to-back bolted together safes a lot.

    Also, be mindful of where you put the safe. If possible, angle it such that it is difficult or impossible to get a long pry bar under the door opposite the hinges. Small closets are good, and it's usually possible to place it such that large tools just will not fit in the orientation they would need to be to pry it open.

    I would caution against putting the safe in a garage though, especially if you cannot anchor it. Garage doors aren't really all that secure, and somebody serious about getting into your house will just punch holes through the door, wrap a length of chain through the door and around one of the door braces, and rip the door off with their truck. The same game also works for safes, even mounted ones - wrap it with chain, tear it out of the wall and into the driveway, then push it up a ramp into the truck bed and drive away.

    Another option, if you can't/don't want to drill anchors into your floor is to pour your own mini-slab. You can build a wooden box however large you want, and where it needs to be. Fill it with concrete to a foot thick or so, let it set, then remove the walls of the box and mount anchors in your new mini-slab to your heart's content. This also adds quite a bit of weight if you're securing a lighter safe. Don't forget to build a ramp to get your safe on top of the mini-slab though.
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    We got to tour the house last night. Back to back may not work so good because of the layout. Thinking now of side by side, and connect them using a big chunk of metal bolted to the back of both safes.

    Also think the house is a slab house. Saw no sign of a crawlspace entry door, but will investigate further.

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