Should you carry at home?

Should you carry at home?

This is a discussion on Should you carry at home? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The answer is yes. This happened to my neighbor this weekend. My neighbor is a man living alone in his 70s. An old co-worker from ...

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Thread: Should you carry at home?

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    Should you carry at home?

    The answer is yes. This happened to my neighbor this weekend. My neighbor is a man living alone in his 70s. An old co-worker from years ago knocked on his door to visit. My neighbor hadnt seen this man in 20 years or more. He invited him into the house. After they visited for a while in the living room totally un-expected the man grabs my neighbor by the throat with two hands and chokes him down until he passes out. The man then robbes the house and runs away.

    Now my neighbor is found sometime later by some relatives and is rushed to the hospital. Hes OK, but has some throat damage. He had guns all over the house but none within reach. He very well could have lost his life. If he had been carrying he very well could have got a hand on his gun and saved himself a lot of pain.

    Just another reason why I always carry. By the way the scumbag was caught by police a few hours later.
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    I don't carry anywhere. I simply put the gun on when I get dressed in the morning and it follows me around the rest of the day.
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    If I'm up, I'm armed! Happy your neighbor is ok, he just as easily could not have been. I'd be very suspicious of someone popping up after 20 years, unless I had at least been in contact with them in the meantime.
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    I know how this older gentleman must feel. I'm in a wheelchair and feel sometimes people look at me as an easy prey. My trusty Sig is by my side at all times even when I visit the head. There are to many break ins and home invasions to not be armed.
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    Wow. I'm glad he's ok. I keep one of my handguns within arms reach all the time. Unless I'm at work because we're not allowed to have weapons there... in the shop at PepBoys. (My 'emergency' defense at work is either a 32oz ball-peen hammer or a 15" crescent wrench)
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    Absolutely, unless of course you can predict the future! My carry equipment goes on as my everyday clothing. I'm up...I'm armed.
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    Glad he is ok.
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    Any time, any place...especially at home.
    Stay armed...stay safe!
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    Since I recently acquired my Kel-Tec P3AT, unless I'm in the shower or in bed, there is 99% of the time a gun on my person. When in the shower or in bed, one is literally within arms reach. In the shower, my USP follows me into the bathroom. In bed, the USP and Mossberg 500 are by my bedside. Around the house, in my "house" closes, the P3AT is in my pocket. If I'm dressed, I have the Glock 30 IWB and the P3AT in my pocket. Though, I'll admit, right now is the 1% chance I'm not in the shower or in bed that a firearm isn't on my person. Though, the P3AT, USP, Mossberg and my AR15 can all be grabbed within 1 second without even getting off my chair, even though my AR15 isn't really designated as a home defense weapon, unless I'm defending against a mob or some other serious situation that I'll die trying.

    My P3AT is my last choice of firearm for defense, but it's the easiest to have all the time. It gives me a chance to fight to a better gun if I need to inside the house.

    Glad to hear he is ok.

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    I don't carry inside my home, don't see the need too and even if I did, my gun would just make my shorts sag. I also don't let people that I haven't seen in decades inside my house.
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    It's said that most crimes committed inside the home are committed by someone the victim knew, and in some cases even allowed entry.

    Lets hope the dirtbag gets caught.
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    If I'm not in bed or in the shower then there is a gun on me anywhere that is legal to carry.

    I work out of a home office and often times during the week I'm the only person around on my street.

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    I would be highly suspecious of someone I hadn't seen in 20 years knocking on my door! That would raise a red flag immediately. That being said, if I am out of bed, I either have a gun on my person or within arms reach 99.9% of the time. Both front and back have steel security storm doors with deadbolts that allow me to see who is there before I unlock the door. We don't get much company anyway, and someone who I worked with 20 years ago isn't likely to show up, nor would they be invited in even if they did!
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    I see the reality as being that since the old man's guard was down and he essentially allowed this man well into his personal space, the visitor could have just as easily jumped him hard by surprise, taken the gun and still dominated the situation. I don't necessarily see this as 'a gun would have saved the day' scenario.

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    100% of home invasions happen in the home!

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