Afternoon scare

Afternoon scare

This is a discussion on Afternoon scare within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Let me begin by saying that at our house, Dsee11789 and I have a mail slot. Also, our mail is delivered by 10am by the ...

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Thread: Afternoon scare

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    Afternoon scare

    Let me begin by saying that at our house, Dsee11789 and I have a mail slot. Also, our mail is delivered by 10am by the same man every day.

    I had just gotten home from school and it was around 2 in the afternoon. It was gorgeous outside so I opened all the windows and left the front door open but I locked the screen door. I was in the office, working on my thesis when I heard the dog start barking. I figured it was just a squirrel until I heard the snarl bark (she only uses the snarl bark when there is actually a threat). I left the office and walked into the living room trying to see what she was barking at. She was at the screen door, teeth barred, snarling. I couldn't see the porch through the front window but I could see the shadow of an arm trying to open the screen door on the front door. I pulled my gun from my hip and walked over to see what was gonig on...

    It was a substitute mailman being an idiot. I'm not entirely sure what he was thinking but he was trying to pry open my screen door with his fingers. So I reholstered and grabbed the dog's collar and opened the door. Only after I opened the door did he apologize and he acted afraid of the dog. What did he think was going to happen if he had gotten the door open without me there to hold her back? Also, what was he planning on doing by opening my screen door?
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    did you ask him?
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    I think I would have to ask the Post Office what their protocol is and advise them that it isn't wise for their mailmen to be trying to open locked doors,are you sure he was a real mailman and not some burglar wearing a mailman uniform.My Mailman knocks when he needs a signature or he's got a big package
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    I'd report the mail carrier ASAP. That was a very dumb thing he was trying to do. If he needed to speak to anyone at the residence he should've used the doorbell or knocked on the screen door, something drastically wrong with how that went down IMO. At the very least I think I would have told the guy; look, if you would've opened my door, at the very least you might have been bitten by my dog, or worse, possibly shot. Not really of course, but it might be good thing for the guy to think about.

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    No knock and no doorbell attempt sounds like he wanted to take an unescorted tour. Still he didn't sound to bright unless he figured your dog was all bark and no bite.

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    Sounds shifty to me. Our mailman knocks only if he has a package that needs signing for...and he's certainly never tried opening our door.
    The only thing I can think of that's comparable- FedEx will leave next-day air envelopes in between our screened door and front door. Doesn't sound like this is what your guy had in mind though. I'd keep an eye out.
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    Not all mailmen are 'honest', but then, you ALREADY knew that...didn't you?
    Was he in uniform? Did he have a postal truck?
    Make a call and ask about him, I would.OMO
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    If you have watched "Men In Black II" you know where the mail carriers come from LOL.
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    I agree with what other members said, call the Post Office as soon as possible and tell them what happened.
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    what that his ears being stuffed with mp3 and blue tooth.....that is rather kind of you to give him credit for thinking....

    you cant have them both smart enough to do their job properly and dumb enough to work for them wages.
    oops, i has hearkening back to the days of the formerly underpaid civil servant. sorry.
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    He could of been trying to put mail in between door and jam OR not ; )
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    Sounds to me like he's either a shady character or a really dumb mailman.
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    Is your mail slot in the door that you had open? Could be he was just trying to deliver your mail the best way he could.
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    If your mail slot in in the front door, he was probably trying to open the screen door and toss the mail inside, as he is required to "deliver" the mail thru rain, hail, and even locked screen doors blocking the mail slot.
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    Reholstered then opened the door to engage in conversation/excuses/justifications for tampering with your door?

    Thanks for sharing the story.


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