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Just answer the dang doorbell!

This is a discussion on Just answer the dang doorbell! within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I live out in the country and through the years I have answered the door in the middle of the night to find a stranger ...

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Thread: Just answer the dang doorbell!

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    I live out in the country and through the years I have answered the door in the middle of the night to find a stranger in need of gas, stuck in the mud or even lost. Each time, I told them to wait outside and I'd be right with them, then went and got my boots on to go help them get back on the road. While they never knew it, I was always armed and ready for trouble, that thankfully never came. I do know that if my wife or one of my daughters were stranded in an area with no phone service, I'd like to think that somebody would do the right thing and help them.
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    I generally have my wife's 9mm on her bedroom nightstand all the time. My .40 is on my nightstand at night, or on the arm of the couch during the day when I'm home. My 12ga is elsewhere... When I get an unexpected knock on the door, I simply move the .40 to my waistband or the piece of furniture closest to the door and cover it with a magazine or something. I check the peephole and see who it is. If I'm expecting them, like a delivery, I open the door, make my mark and take my package. If I'm not expecting them I open the door a few inches and stop it with my foot. They can talk to me through the crack and I'll decide how long I want the conversation to continue. I pretty much always answer the door, but how I answer the door varies.
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    We have an enclosed front porch and an enclosed back patio. I keep the storm door on our front porch locked to maintain a buffer zone that I can easily monitor through the peep hole I installed in our front door. We also consider our front porch to be an additional room where our furry friends can securely roam about without being inadvertantly released due to the entry of some unsuspecting stranger.

    Beneath the NO SMOKING placard on our storm door window is a NO SOLICITORS sign. I don't care if those knocking during daylight hours are girl scouts, preachers, politicians, or any other kind of vendor, if they can't define NO SOLICITORS, they can stand outside and peck on the door till they drop from exhaustion. If I know the person, I answer the door. If I don't know the person, and I don't suspect they're panhandling, I cautiously speak to them without unlocking the storm door.

    After the sun sets, and the knocking and shouting is persistent enough, I'll turn on our porch light to illuminate those making the noise. I will then arm myself before speaking to them without unlocking the storm door.

    My dad informed me about a Gypsy trick involving one culprit who would knock on the front door to divert attention away from the culprit sneaking in the back door to do their dirty work.

    In this age of cellphones, and AAA, there is really little need for anyone to go around pounding on front doors, back doors, or barn doors.

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    A guy knocked on my door frantically one morning around 5 am and I just happened to be running late that morning going to work. I'm over 6' tall so I peered through the glass at the top of my door and saw a hispanic male, face flushed, looking like he was running from something. I answered the door..well, spoke to the gentleman without opening the door and he begged me to let him in. I let him know in no circumstances would I let him in, however, I informed him I will call the police for him, which I did. The police came and the guy was no where to be found.

    I don't know if he meant me and my family harm or not, but opening the door was not an option for me. Acknowledge the person on the other side of the door, yes, open the door, not a chance.
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    I always look to see who it is. I base my decision on that. I won't automatically open the door, because then I have to sit there and wait for the person to finish his/her sales or religious pitch.

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    Neighbor knocked on my door while I was reading this thread LOL

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    Is he still alive?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tzadik View Post
    Neighbor knocked on my door while I was reading this thread LOL
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    I don't think I've ever had someone pound on my door in the middle of the night without yelling who they were a few times (in the high hopes that it would mitigate their own personal risk, as well as get me to the door quicker). Much as I'd like to think that the world is out to get me ('cause it is!), the vast majority of door knocks are benign events overall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    I have got to write that down for future use! I bet you're the type that would most likely assist someone in need--even if they aren't a "loved one." Lordly how I hate the "Me" generation.
    Agreed! I'm part of that generation mostly because of when I was born; but I'm usually one of the first to stop and help someone if I can see they need it.

    Just the other week (before my permit arrived) I stopped on the side of the interstate to help a lady put her spare tire on. I did look as best I could before getting out of my car to make sure she was alone, and it wasn't some elaborate setup- it doesn't hurt to have a little paranoia- decided that I wasn't taking THAT big a risk and left my gun in my car. I help others when I can, but if nothing else, I will call the DOT 'highway emergency service' and make sure the people are taken care of.

    My new house (renting) doesn't have a peep hole. Nor does it have readily available windows near the front door. But, I have my permit, and am never without when I'm home. Usually tucked into my IWB holster, and not noticeable. Even when I don't have an over-shirt on. But, yes, I always answer the door; and yes, I'm always armed when I do. Just not obviously, and not in an 'intimidating' manner; I was raised in the south- very polite, and very friendly. But not stupid.
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    Or maybe we could all just be sure to set the parking brakes (or use a suitable brick)....hehehehe

    Really, I don't have any "good" neighbors that I would count on. I'd expect the police to knock if per chance my truck rolled out of the drive, or anything like that. The ONE neighbor that is "pretty good" is usually drunk after 8pm so not much chance of him coming by to help out
    I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them. -- John Wayne as John B. Books in "The Shootist"

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    Well, in the spirit of this thread, I answered the door today. I asked the nice man if he saw my foot long chrome and black "NO SOLICITING" sign next to the doorbell. He did. I then asked him if he understood what it meant, and he said he did. He said he wanted to trim my trees.

    I asked him if he thought he was special, or if he rang the bell just to make me mad, then I suggested he may have done very bad things to his mom. Not the best "answer the dang door" experience for either of us.
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    "Like a good neibor, State Farm is on your side."

    Woops.. wrong one. :)

    Props to ya.

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    Well......I'm the guy that doesn't answer the door bell unless I'm expecting you.............if not, go to the neighbors house or argue with our German Shepard.....he's a good listener.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    All too often I read statements from others on this forum that they never answer a knock at the door, appear with gun in hand if they do, and suspect anyone and everyone who feels they have reason to "trespass" on said person's precious property.

    Get a grip, folks--answer the dang doorbell. It might be for you!

    Coming home at 12:30 am last night after an uneventful late shift, I drove through a particularly dark section of my neighborhood street and almost slammed into a Ford Ranger sitting crossways in the middle of the street. Dark night, dark street, dark truck=close call. The vehicle had obviously rolled down the sloped driveway and into the road. No lights were on in the house, and none came on when I leaned on the horn a bit.

    Knowing someone would hit the truck if I simply did the easy thing and drove on, I parked and rang the doorbell. That's right--at 12:30 am. I stepped back to the edge of the porch, hoping whoever came to the door wasn't one of those who can't take an unarmed breath.

    A sleepy-eyed man opened the door (unarmed as far as I could tell). He didn't seem upset, fearful, or alarmed (maybe the uniform and badge on the belt helped), and I apologised for waking him but thought he'd like to know his truck was sitting in the middle of the street. In so many words, he said he forgot to set the blankety-blank brake and thanked me for waking him.

    I had never spoken to this fellow before. That's what good neighbors do.

    For those of you who refuse to respond to unannounced doorbells, maybe the sound of crunching metal will inspire you to rise, arm yourself to fend off those zombies you're so worried about, and see if you forgot to set the brake! Maybe your neighbors aren't so good as to risk getting shot to save your car.

    As for me, I've answered doorbells and frantic pounding in the wee hours twice, both times for neighbors with an emergency. Neither time did I think I had to shoot anyone.

    That's what good neighbors do.
    If it is important you can find me another time. I have insurance. What is your advice to this guy?

    Young man shot when he opened door of home, suspects on the loose | azfamily.com Phoenix

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    If it is important you can find me another time. I have insurance. What is your advice to this guy? (quote) Azchevy.....

    Next time he should do right in his business dealings especially with someone who knows where he lives and settles his beef's with lead.
    "Violence is seldom the answer, but when it is the answer it is the only answer".

    "A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves".


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