Talking to the media after a shooting?

Talking to the media after a shooting?

This is a discussion on Talking to the media after a shooting? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; So I turn on the local news and here's this report of the shooting of a home invader. Supposedly a man breaks out the window, ...

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Thread: Talking to the media after a shooting?

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    Talking to the media after a shooting?

    So I turn on the local news and here's this report of the shooting of a home invader. Supposedly a man breaks out the window, enters the home, grabs two kitchen knives and approaches the resident--who promptly draws a .44 mag and shoots the invader dead.

    I have no problem with that. I really don't. What I do have an issue with is the homeowner, on camera, telling in great detail what happened and giving the camera crew a tour of the scene, including the cat litter on the floor to soak up the blood. He goes on and on about how he was protecting his family, etc.

    And then they wrap up the story by saying, "The shooting is still under investigation."

    Do you think someone--anyone--should have told the guy to keep his mouth shut until the investigation was complete?

    Me? I ain't answering the weatherman if he asks me if I'm having a nice day. Somehow that would be twisted around until the next hurricane was my fault.
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    They did the same thing, here in Texas, when Joe Horn shot the people breaking into neighbors house. I was shocked when I saw the news story. He was found not guilty, but I would never do an interview like that.
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    Don't talk to the media the chief of police can. I don't want to be on tv or give my side of the story. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court. If his story deviates at all during trial from what he said on camera he will be in hot water.

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    Pretty simple...bang, bang...
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    Some people cannot pass up being on television. I can think of a host of reasons I would not, in addition to the fact that I do not care for the news media.
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    World is full of 'media' these days. Some folks like to live in the limelight....facebook and all that evil stuff....folks have their personal lives available to the world. Your life is not private anymore. Life seems to have degraded into interests, sucked into the internet, and privacy is a joke. Folks just don't realize what they are selling. Life has actually become worthless in more ways than you can imagine. Means to and end I say. Some can't avoid being at the top of the list or making the headlines. Too bad actually.....I think there will be a disease named after them soon. Feel no pity toward those that drag down the human race. They deserve what they get. Sometimes I long for those days before I poked my head out of my hole. Now I find everything that could make me sick.

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    Some guy broke in my house and died,I think he was allergic to heavy metals
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    Some people cannot pass up being on television. I can think of a host of reasons I would not, in addition to the fact that I do not care for the news media.
    That is sadly so true! And some people feel soo important just because a newspaper writes about them and shows their photo. I know people that are like that.

    I would never say anything to the media.
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    There are probably a bunch of reasons you should avoid talking to the press after a shooting, if, gawd forbid, you were ever in one.

    Off the top of my head: If the case goes to a jury, your statements might prejudice them. If the perp has relatives or friends or "associates" of a vengeful frame of mind, they'll know what you look like. Your lawyer would probably prefer you don't do it. And ask yourself what possible good could talking to the press do for you? Can't think of one single thing.

    But! THE most important reason not to talk to the press - newspaper, radio, or TV - is that they tend to edit. A 20-minute interview with a reporter will often be condensed down to 20 seconds. So maybe your "yep, I shot him" runs, but not the "I was afraid for my life" bit. Anything you say can be chopped and diced to say something inaccurate.
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    There are actually advantages to getting your story out to the press, BUT you'd better let the pros handle it. Your lawyer, if he or she is worth his or her salt, has someone on their payroll who is an expert at handling media affairs. Let them do it for you. In the mean time don't talk to anyone including the police. Tell them you'll be more than happy to give them a statement after you have met with your lawyer. You really don't want to condemn yourself to the hell holes of prison by saying something on the record on accident bc your mind is still racing and your emotions are still hot.

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    Wow, I hope it works out for him..
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    I wouldn't talk all that much to the cops without having a lawyer, the most I would say is that this guy broke in I was afraid for my life and i shot him, next words would be I want my lawyer before saying anything else, I certainly wouldn't be giving reporters the time of day

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    Smile Short and sweet...

    "On the advice of my attorney, I have no comment at this time."

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    The thing is that they pounce on you. The day after my incident I came back from lunch and there was the camera crew and they started interviewing me
    standing right where the BG had been pointing a gun in my face.
    I think I had less time to react to them than I did during the robbery attempt.

    And the chopping up the interview to fit their aggenda is exactly correct. They took about an hours worth of footage from everyone, spliced it up to
    fit the story they all ready decided on and where they couldn't edit, they quoted out of context and ran with it. (about a 5 minute package)
    Truth was not their intent, but entertainment value and ratings.

    I don't know about most people, but I was a bit too shook up still to even realize that I really didn't want to respond to the press.
    I just had a seemingly polite attractive young woman suddenly asking me questions.
    Didn't really know how to respond except to be polite back.

    I guess that's another thing to train yourself for ... the aftermath.

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    He probably doesn't realize the consequences of his actions. Before I became a member of this forum I had no idea at how dangerous it can be to talk to the police let alone the media, etc. You guys have taught me a lot in the past year and I want to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge and experience so that people like me can benefit accordingly.

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