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Home Security System - Sign or No Sign

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Thread: Home Security System - Sign or No Sign

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    I think that a dog is a great theft deterrent, but only as long as you have the right dog breed (German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, Pit Bull, Boxer, Bullmastiff, Dogo Argentino, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or Fila Brasileiro), the dog is accompanied with a good alarm system and home defense firearm and the dog is trained not to eat foods given by strangers so that he is not poisoned (this can be easily achieved with a shock collar training program). A good guard dog will not only alert you when there are intruders in the perimeter of your home, but it will also attack intruders when they invade your perimeter and will act as a deterrent to a home invasion. Just make sure that you take the necessary precautions for the safety of your children, the neighborhood children and the poor old mail man.

    At my home in Costa Rica, I have a German Shepherd, an ADT Security System (sign at front door), a CCTV system with 5 cameras connected to my TV (front door, back door, front yard, back yard and garage), perimeter sensors in the back yard, reinforced entry doors and frames, Mul-T-Lock door locks (front and back doors), security window protection films on all windows, a 12 gauge Mossberg 590A1 shotgun loaded with 00 Buckshot and an HK 45 pistol loaded with Remington Golden Saber JHP. It may seem that I am paranoid, but as a matter of fact I did this when my wife's family had a VERY bad home invasion where the burglars came in, tied my sister in law and her grandmother and proceeded to loot the entire home. This opened my eyes to the fact that a home invasion can happen when you least expect it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gene83 View Post
    My thinking was always that if you posted signs on your property it alerted thieves that if you had the money for an alarm system, you probably had some pretty nice stuff inside the house.
    if you live in a 5k sq ft house you may have some real nice goodies as well, regardless of a sign. The point is most homes in better areas will usually have something inside to attract thieves

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    Dogs can also signal that an owner is not home. A knock on the door or doorbell ring, dog barks and no one comes to the door or shushes the dog means no one is inside. If your home is being cased this will tell the thief what he needs to know. One car, no car, dog, no one home, etc.

    A crowbar can pry a door open and shut even the biggest dogs up quickly.
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    My security system is from a small local firm and I used three signs for a few years, until my kids pulled them out and had a sword fight. I no longer have the signs, but have stickers on my basement window, back sliding door and front door. I also have an NRA sticker on my back sliding door and on my car parked in the drive. If all of this fails, I have lighting that would make Clark Griswold jealous, two 80lb dogs and a Remington 11-87 Premier ready to rock.

    I’m not all that worried about someone breaking in while I’m away, but I like the audible alarm when I’m sleeping because it will likely cause the intruder to flee. If he doesn’t, I’ll have advance notice.

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    I vote for the sign. I have one in my yard. Most criminals go for the low hanging fruit. They would simply rather move on to an easier target than deal with an alarm system.
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    I say sign...........even if you do not have a security system.

    Crooks always take the easy way. Otherwise, they'd be working.

    Quote Originally Posted by 9mmtimes3 View Post
    I also have an NRA sticker on my back sliding door and on my car parked in the drive.
    I don't do this. I don't want strangers knowing I have guns inside.
    They may target you when no one is home.

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    I have stickers on all the windows and a sign in the front. The purpose of the alarm system depends on if I'm home or not. If I'm home then it's an early warning device, much the same as my two loud dogs. If I'm not home then it's primary function is to deter (and alert me that I need to go home).

    LEO response will likely not be fast enough to catch them in the act, much less fast enough to help me in violent encounter. I'm basing this on when our neighbor's kid ripped off 3 houses in our neighborhood. He wasn't caught in the act (despite one of the homeowners being home and calling the cops when he tried to come in). I'm convinced he didn't pick our house because of the alarm and the dogs. He knew we were both at work, as were all of his victims in this case.

    An alarm system is not the end all be all to home security. Neither is a dog, gun or any other tool. We use what we have and the best defense requires us to have multiple layers. An alarm system is a key layer in my mind but it's not required.

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    I just use my beware of dog sign.
    Home Security System - Sign or No Sign-1441.jpg

    And if that don't work, the cat has his back.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Home Security System - Sign or No Sign-1581.jpg  

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    I just let my dogs bark even when I am home. If you didn't call first and I don't expect company the door stays closed. The hardest part was getting my wife "NOT" to hush the dogs. She now knows they are only doing their job and if we do open the door the dogs are seated right beside it.

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    In my experience, your typical drug addicted home burglar will by-pass a hardened target, such as alarm systems, safety bars, dead bolts, etc. Usually, but not always. A professional burglar who sees an alarm as a challenge, can only be found in the movies.
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    I dont think there is anyway my house can be entered without triggering the alarm. I have a sign up and two big dogs so i really just want the alarm to give me a heads up so I can be ready to take care of business.

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    For deterrent, put glass break detectors on the windows; even if they are just for show and not hooked to anything.
    They send the same message as a sign and cause extra uncertainty for an intruder.
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    I know a number of people who have signs posted and no alarm system simply because the sign itself will probably deter most amateurs (at least those who can read). They don't have an alarm system (other than signs and a few fake CC cameras outside and/or phony glass-break detectors on the windows) because a true professional won't be deterred whether there's a sign or not since most of them know how to get around an alarm system "before" it goes off whether there's a sign posted or not.

    Generally, a true professional will already have staked out the house and done some surveillance over a few days and nights to figure out the daily routine to know when everyone is usually away, and many will do some elemental research to find out the residence's phone number so they can call before the hit (using an unlisted $20 pay as you go Walmart phone) to ensure nobody's home.

    Usually, there's a quick trip around the house with just a few tools like wirecutters and screwdriver/nutdriver set to quickly pull the electric meter (killing all power), then quickly cut the incoming phone lines and RF cables at their easy to access external demarc boxes - which all may take only two or three minutes at best and disables any alarm system's ability to automatically call the monitoring agency. Next step is quickly moving away from the house for a few minutes to see if anyone comes outside or flashlight activity to make double sure nobody's home.

    Back to the house after a few minutes to go ahead and make the precision entry by opening a door or window, then scampering away again to wait a few more minutes to see if any battery-backup system sets off any battery-powered lights or alarms (or a dog starts barking from inside). After nothing happens - it's a piece of cake from that point on.

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    I believe that the idea that a sign does not work because it will only deter the amateurs is a bogus argument. While I will agree that a pro will break in to pretty much any building he wants he is in the minority. The sign by possibly acting as a deterrent to the average thief will have prevented most robberies.
    In my area there are very few professional burglars. There are a fair number of kids and general lowlifes who will break into a home if it looks easy to them. They are the ones I'm looking to deter with a sign.

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    Definitely signage and well lighted at night. Burglary is often times a crime of opportunity and speed. Unprotected building and way to get in and out fast unseen or low chance of being seen, can be the green light. Anything that shows there are roadblocks to the things that would trip the green light is good in my book.

    There used to be a cable series that was called To Catch A Thief or something like that. The host was a former burglar that would drive around looking for targets. When he found one, he would go up to the door with the camera crew and explain that if the owner agreed, they would place cameras in the house and show the owners what happens during a burglary if he could get in their house. After the break-in they would go back and do a security audit and install any recommended equipment. After everything was in place, they would try to break-in again, and the ex-thief would go through his criteria of why he would pass on a place. Signage was a tip off to him that a place may be more trouble than it is worth if I remember right.

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