Pepper Spray & BUG?!

Pepper Spray & BUG?!

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Thread: Pepper Spray & BUG?!

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    Pepper Spray & BUG?!

    Somewhere in a thread a person said he always carries pepper spray in case he can head off the use of his gun in a defensive situation. I'm wondering if one always has a spray handy( and I see Ruger has a new one out!) if that and what would normally be a BUG might be enough for the majority of situations one might run into? I know: more firepower should be carried and the spray should never be your first line of defense. That's the usual wisdom on this subject and I understand this. But, does this option has its place or is it a no brainer that spray has very limited use and most of us should just forget it. What say you, guys and gals? I'd like to get some considered opinions on this. Many thanks!
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    Chemical spray (oc) is a step on the force continuum. It does not replace a firearm or its capacity or other attributes. The type of firearm you carry should not be influenced at all by whether or not you carry a chemical deterrent, they are different tools for different purposes.

    While chemical deterrents may be a first line of defense (after deescalation/avoidance. etc) they are not a replacement for deadly force and should not be used in that role. They are a low level tool.
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    Useful in a lot of ways but a lethal force situation, and if you're a chili-head you can use it as a seasoning
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    In my opinion, OC spray serves the following purposes:
    1 - it is a lower level on the force continuum and it shows intent to use only the force necessary when the conditions for lethal force aren't in effect.
    2 - it may be enough to stop a bad situation without resorting to lethal force or even a gun draw (which carries legal risks)
    3 - It may slow down an assailant who has gotten within the magic 21' and buy you time. There is also a chance it will do nothing.
    4 - It makes your intent to defend yourself clear. Continuing an attack after the deployment of OC spray will also make an attackers intentions clear. Realizing of course that you may have just royally pissed them off and the standard rules about being an instigator apply.
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