Saber, I agree with Hop on this. A Range Date is a great way to spend an afternoon, but I'd get her into a class that'll be geared to newbies (and even better, women exclusivly) before you teach her yourself.

I had a similar issue trying to teach a lady-friend golf WAY back when...... A round of golf was a fun time but teaching her to swing and play just wasn't smart of me.

As for our unlucky-lucky lady whose home invaders ran off, locking herself in the bathroom and calling the police was a textbook response. Her being armed would've evened the odds if ANYTHING else would've occured. I wouldn't want my wife and/or daughters to respond/retreat without my sidearn with 'em. My four dogs also serve as a 'layered' level of security. Only a highly motivated and armed BG is gonna get past those pooches and would certinly offer me and mine a few extra (and valueable) seconds to fight or flight.