Robber surprised by shot to the leg

Robber surprised by shot to the leg

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Thread: Robber surprised by shot to the leg

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    Robber surprised by shot to the leg

    Shooting - West Virginia's Eyewitness News I still believe in the double tap rule one to the chest and one to the head in any order

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    At least he's the one that got hit in the scuffle.

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    Why would he hit a house on "Custer Street"? Not a history buff I guess! Maybe the scuffle threw off the homeowners aim?
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    He woulda been really surprised in my house,I wouldn't have let him get that close before "tapping him out",
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    Many times when a trigger is jerked, the shot goes low to the legs.
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    Police say Sovine lives on the next block over and is well-known to police. A neighbor tells Eyewitness News that she saw Sovine approach her door, but he saw her inside and turned around and left.
    When my brother was a kid, someone stole his Beagle. The neighbor actually watched them load the dog and put him in the truck. Given that the dog was kept in the back-yard, the thief was most likely someone that knew us as well as knowing about the dog. Perhaps they didn't come over with the hopes of stealing a dog but when they saw an opportunity was presenting itself, it was too good to pass up. I hear its a common thing around here, to have a Beagle stolen, etc.

    Alot of times when you've been robbed, its someone that your either know or a bum that's somewhat of a local. It appears this bum was scouting and when he found a house where no one was home, he must have thought he had hit pay-dirt. I guess he didn't count on the old man coming home to promptly place a cap in his leg. I personally hope he didn't incur a permanent disability so that he won't get to live off of our tax dollars for the rest of his life.

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