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Thread: I carry IN THE HOUSE now....THANKS(LOL)

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    I also find I carry at home after being a member of this forum!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dadsnugun View Post
    I'm carrying around the house more than I ever have in my life since joining this bunch...


    I never used to have a pistol with me when out cutting the grass(on a zero steer) which takes an hour & 1/2.
    Then if I do the neighbors its almost another hour.What would I do if I was cutting grass, and some hayshaker came peeping by and there was trouble?
    I'd be on the outside looking in.

    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Ican't move quick,so I make sure I have my 1911 with me,when I went to sleep last night I had a M&P45c under my pillow,a 1911 next to my pillow,a 12 gauge semi auto with 5 00 buck next to my headboard,If I was paranoid,I woulda had an AR15 within arms reach also

    ^^^^^^With all due respect^^^^^^^

    duk, it doesn't sound as if you left much room for momma.
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    Don't ever think that the reason I'm peaceful is because I don't know how to be violent

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    Being neither blessed nor cursed with children, I have a firearm handy, unchambered but loaded, in locations I spend the most time in. I don't have a shed gun (but I carry in that situation), and I don't have a garage gun (because I carry in that situation). So I can understand why someone might feel the need to carry around the house.

    I don't like to carry in the house, because mistakes do happen, and frankly I don't like carrying anything more than my boxers around with me.

    Posts reminds me I need a garage gun (shotgun I'm thinking).
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    I find myself keeping my pf 9 in my pocket while around the house more and more.

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    Academy sports has a couple of options for quick acess safes one is 79 and the other is 169 uses biometrics (your fingerprint) I don't know how good they are but for a night time security with little ones around i would get something..JMO
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    I've been armed at home, when home, for years. Up until this Jan, I used to mow my front lawn with a .44 on the hip.

    Unfortunately in CA, my front yard and porch (accessible to anyone since it is not walled off) is considered to be basically public shared space, and with the Open Carry having been taken away, it is illegal for anyone in CA to openly or concealed carry in such a location. Needless to say, every other peice of my property is well fenced and has much more than a reasonable definition, by the law, of now being public shared space.

    If you are in CA, you need to re-study the laws that were just passed on how to move a firearm outside of your place of residence or business. It has changed for the worse.

    That being said. Ms. ANGLICO and I are always armed and alarmed, and we live in a very nice place (where all the A-holes like to come to rob you).

    When all is said and done, in a state that does not have a Castle Law, or any laws even remotely approaching allowing you to defend yourself, it is better to not shoot. The police will sill arrest you here, regardless of the fact that you may have retreated to the farthest corner of your property before defending yourself. And you can bet that the local DA will ram you up the butt with all the 3 strike firearms law violations they can hope will stick.

    The lawyers cost too much. Its better in CA to spend that money, up front, on a layered defense (gates, fence, alarm) before just counting on being able to defend yourself.
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    Couple weeks ago a person I know and his wife bough hand guns. Their first, they setup CC classes a few weeks down the road.
    They had come over and ask me a lot of question about buying the weapons and CC. After they bough thwe weapon I talked with them about wearing it around the house .
    What better way to start now figuring out what works for you and what don't. Get use to it. His wife laughed a lot when I told her no one would thing your nuts wearing your new gun around the house we all do it.
    SR9C under left arm as I sit here. Daughter came over few minutes ago took off her jacket LCP under her left arm life is good.

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    I'm disabled and don't move fast to say the least so I am always near a weapon. I used to go to the front door and open it wide open like I had a brain. I owe it to my loved ones to stay alive, especially my sons so I can aggravate the crap out of them. My neighborhood used to be very quiet and secluded but now people are building all around us. I carry to get the mail, mow, carry out the garbage and of course to check out noises. It's a way of life now.

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    I just got a Fort Knox pistol safe, and it's great for what it is. It's got a non electronic, reliable simplex lock. Takes about 3 seconds to open, and holds two handguns. There was another similiar safe on Amazon that was less expensive and I think smaller, but I went for the Fort Knox. I'm happy with my buy. I've used those bio fingerprint readers at work, and sometimes you have to place your finger a few times before it will read your fingerprint.

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    Since buying my LCR .38 not long ago I'm always carrying at home. I don't even notice it being in my pocket...even have fallen asleep with it too. After dark I usually have a small Mag-lite XL50 too.

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    Before I had children, and after I had them until they were mobile, I never carried around the house, I just had guns stashed around anywhere I might be. Since they became mobile (twin 2 year old boys are like monkeys) I have started carrying at home and all the other guns are locked up and/or unloaded without ammunition close to them. Here is my routine:

    I have on lock box that contains my duty gun, my BUG, and my Taser. When I get home from work I put those items in it while I am changing out of my uniform. When I am at work my LCP is in the lock box. I wear sweat pants or gym shorts and a t-shirt when I am home, so the LCP gets clipped inside the waistband.

    In my bedroom is another lock box, this one is electronic with a key override, that contains my M&P45 with a tactical light and a couple of spare magazines. When I go to bed the LCP goes in there as well. I sleep with a small key ring in my pocket that has keys to both lock boxes and a key to the double cylinder deadbolts on my front and back doors.

    Because of my mode of dress when around the house the LCP is really about the best I can do and not have my pants fall down. I'm not a huge fan of the .380 ACP, but I hope it will get me to one of the lock boxes and significantly more firepower should the need occur. I generally also have an unloaded AR15 out when I am home, with loaded magazines not too far away. When I work outside, I usually carry the SP101. My main concern outside is dangerous dogs since I live outside of town, and I am a lot more confident in the .357 Magnum than the .380 ACP when it comes to stopping a dog.

    "The Engine could still smile...it seemed to scare them" -Felix

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    LOL. When craziness seems to show up at your front door these days I ask myself, "Why not carry in my own Home." I do not carry all the time in my home, but I always have one in the chamber somewhere... Your Welcome!

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    I carry mine while at home since joining the forum. Home Invasions are becoming too common and many times there is little time to react if they just force their way in. Now if I can just get my wife to do the same I would feel a lot better.
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    I've carried in the house off and on, definitely if I'm out in the yard or walking in the neighborhood. But ever since a crazy woman showed up on my front porch a few months ago, bloody hand, screaming obscenities (she had just punched out a couple of windows at her house (next block over), I don't answer the door without a gun on my belt.

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