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Do you have guns in your house? Who knows about it?

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Thread: Do you have guns in your house? Who knows about it?

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    Loose lips sink ships.

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    I am not secret about having weapons. If I had more than a few I wold be more cautious because BGs will target a cache before the few weapons I have.

    I understand not wanting people to know, but as 2A advocates it is kind of counter productive to keep quiet about it. If more people realized that their 'normal' friends own guns, they may realize the gun rights are not some fringe group, but normal people.

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    One daughter and 3 friends.
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    I live in the boonies. just about everyone in my region are hunters. It is no secret at all that I have firearms in my house. It would be shocking if I didn't really and i can't think of anyhouse in the area that doesn't have atlest one firearm in it. Oddly enough home invasions are unheard of in my area. I wonder why??? lol.

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    A few people that I am acquainted with know that I possess and carry a firearm. It is something that you cannot totally keep away from the public, but I do not go out of my way to advertise that I own them and they are in my home.

    The least amount of folks that know if you have specific firearms the better. Many home invasions include the theft of a handgun, because criminals cannot obtain one through legal fashion, they must steal one to have one. That is the best reason I can think of to keep the people who know to a minimum.
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    In rural Texas, the home without firearms is by far the exception. I could go down the County Road here and tell you about most of my neighbors, as we talk hunting and shooting, shoot at the range or one of our farms, take the kids to the 4-H or Boy Scout shooting sports activities and share the bounty of our hunts. The only neighbor who I can without doubt say has no guns is a transplanted widow from LaLa land or Chicago. She hears shooting and she goes in the house--she started out by calling the law, but stopped when they stopped responding and told her to mind her own business.

    I don't advertise that I have guns, don't put NRA, TSRA or pro gun stickers on my trucks, and don't brag about guns around strangers--unless we are shooting together. I do enjoy my Second Amendment rights and fight for those rights with my voice, my vote and my meager financial support to the pro gun organizations that are protecting those rights and freedoms.

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    I live in PA...

    ....its pretty much assumed that everyone does, isn't it?

    No secrets here, had my first rifle 5 months BEFORE I was born.

    How many know that i carry them is a horse of a different color.
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    myself and my girlfriend

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    The one/ones who try to B&E!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by oakchas View Post
    News story: Armed home invasion suspects armed and dangerous:

    Arcata, CA. STORY

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    I saw nothing in the news story that implied burglars knew befeorehand of the firearms in the house.
    It was a 'burglary' until she showed-up, right ... then it became a 'home invasion'.

    Any burglary around where I live would probably result in firearms being stolen; most everyone owns some. ... and few 'bother' to secure them!#*&!
    Most stolen items in burglaries:
    (1) Firearms
    (2) Electronics
    (3) Booze
    (4) Jewelry

    I'm very careful about who knows what is in my home - my living quarters and its contents are off-limits to strangers or anyone there is even the slightest question about.
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    I have mixed feelings about this. Guns may attract criminals or may deter them. I don't know which effect is greater.

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    Only trusted family members and other friends who also own guns. Otherwise, it's nobody's business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneshot View Post
    Like Ret said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    But I've got kids, and I cannot control who they talk to, and about what.
    I emphasized NUMEROUS times to them, not to say anything about weapons, the types that are here, and what-all, even to their friends.
    Just don't know who their friends are gonna casually chat with about it.
    I believe they have been lowkey enough about it to be ok.
    Same here. Family and a few friends who also own guns know I own guns - though not how many or where they are all kept - but it's not something I tell anyone unless I know them VERY well. About that same number also know both my wife and I have CC permits, therefore, since we have a carry permit, we must have guns as well.
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    What's a gun?
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    They were all stolen. 10 minutes ago.
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