Local LEO offers safety advice to seniors

Local LEO offers safety advice to seniors

This is a discussion on Local LEO offers safety advice to seniors within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This was aired following the brutal murders of two female senior citizens. Good advice is provided, but of course, the LEO never even mentions arming ...

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Thread: Local LEO offers safety advice to seniors

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    Local LEO offers safety advice to seniors

    This was aired following the brutal murders of two female senior citizens. Good advice is provided, but of course, the LEO never even mentions arming oneself as another viable option for protecting yourself.

    Southfield Officer Talks about Senior Safety
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    Most times, they cannot do so in a public or "official" function due to the litigious nature of our society, and administrators that are more worried about liability than police work.
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    "Myself or another officer will actually come out to your home and do a free security inspection where we take a look at your doors, your locks, your windows, lighting and landscaping," Buckberry explained."
    And then what? It's like he doesn't realize that no 'home security' will stop a determined burglar from gaining entry it just slows them down. You need a firearm. Also, if they find security problems and the old peeps don't have $5k to spend, what do they do now, except worry more?

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    One of the major concepts in home security that is often overlooked is that you don't need to make your home an impregnable fortress. You just need to make it harder and riskier to burglarize than your neighbor's. An evaluation could help identify small things to make a big improvement. Also, if they know you have something they want, they will be in and out in under the response time.

    A home invasion is different and has been stated in other threads is usually drug related.

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    Sadly, many people have been conned into spending more than they can afford on making their home a "fortress" with burglar bars and a battery of locks that proved to be their death trap during a fire and/or prevented EMS personnel from entering the home in time to save their life during a medical emergency. High dollar alarm systems only alert some door-shaker security company that tries to call you back, then calls the police so they can come by to make those little chaulk lines on the floor, string the yellow tape around the house, and take a report.

    As noway2 mentioned, there are much cheaper deterrents to burglars when anyone is away from home like simple timers that switch lamps and TV (at good audio volume) on and off throughout the day and night to give the appearance that someone is home, keeping blinds or curtains closed, stopping newspaper delivery, and keeping valuables generally out of sight from visitors or casual friends who may come back later to help themselves.

    For those who don't care if anyone is home or not, getting some good basic training and a respectable firearm is much cheaper and a considerably more effective intrusion alarm system that will usually have the cops drawing the caulk line around a BG instead of the homeowner.

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