Some really good points bmcgilvray but the bottom line here for people is denial.

They are fully aware of what their "loved ones" do, but when that person engages in immoral behaviour the tendency is to deny they are capable. Hence the "I had no idea they did yada yada yada". You can place the evidence in front of them in mass quantities and still they just can't come to believe that it is true. That is denial.

I know that I would hate to see that my child or other relative would choose to be a criminal and commit crime but I'm not going to deny it and make excuses for behaviour we all know is not acceptable. It's all about personal responsibility. If I go commit a crime and get caught, yes there will be some sort of "retribution" in the form of being prosectued and maybe fined or jailed if convicted.

We need to get these folks off the denial train and get them to accept that when people choose to do what they do, then we can deal with the consequences of said actions.