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Good: Mother defends self and baby

This is a discussion on Good: Mother defends self and baby within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Saw an update on the news this evening. Seems the dirt-bag she shot was a friend or knew her husband some how and possibly had ...

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Thread: Good: Mother defends self and baby

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    Saw an update on the news this evening. Seems the dirt-bag she shot was a friend or knew her husband some how and possibly had been in their home before, and maybe again sometime after her husband passed away looking to steal his cancer medication. He also was suspected of stalking her at sometime in the past. So they suspect he was breaking in to look for and steal her husbands medication. The guy who was the accomplice is up on murder charges, and they are not going to charge her with anything, as they shouldn't. She did what she had to do. Again the Castle Doctrine did what it's declared to do! As for the dog theory, IMHO it looks to me like an elderly Germany Shepherd, so it most likely couldn't do much as an attacker due to its age. But I'm sure it is a beloved family-member just the same!

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    I first heard about this story on Entertainment Tonight, which I consider the electronic version of a super market checkout line "rag", but they did do a good job of positively portraying the mother and played the 911 audio. It wasn't until the NEXT night that the local Dayton TV station aired the story, and then the national news with Brian Williams finally jumped on the band wagon! Actually, I'm totally amazed that there was as much positive media attention as there was. Usually the liberal mainstream media tries to give a negative slant to anything to do with guns and common citizens! Glad to see some positive coverage for a change! I guess they were "forced" to jump on the band wagon after a little positive coverage came out! I hope to see a whole lot more of this attitude toward citizens defending themselves in the future--but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDE101 View Post
    I first heard about this story on Entertainment Tonight,
    I haven't watched that show in many many years....they must have run out of stories about Yanni to do something about self defense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    Well, if any member living in Oklahoma discovers that there is a verifiable and legitimate collection/donation being taken up for this young Mom and her little ankle-biter then post the details of it here.
    The link:
    Fund set up for Blanchard woman who shot, killed intruder | Breaking News

    The Blanchard police department has set up a fund for Sarah McKinley at Chickasha Bank &Trust in Blanchard. The address is 1525 N Council Hwy 76, Blanchard, OK 73010, and the phone number is 405-485-2300. Anyone wishing to make a donation should ask for Leah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lhoyle View Post
    The DA announced yesterday that the other thug has been charged with 1st Degree Murder.

    The delay was due to her location being on the border between 2 counties, therefore conflicting jurisdictions. The original 911 operator, the one who told her to "do what you have to do", had to pass her onto another 911 operator.

    I am hoping that the young lady can get counseling she may need for having to kill the scumbag. Her son should be very proud of her. There's already a lot of us Okies that are very proud of her.
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    21 minutes. When seconds matter, the police are more than 21 minutes away. Arm yourselves!

    This mother did all the right things. She should be rightfully proud that she defended herself and her child.
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    My heart goes out for this courageous young lady and her family. This story brought tears to my eyes even without adding the dirtbags trying to break in and do God knows what to her and her family. I don't for a second buy the "breaking in to steal cancer medication story". I pray that she is able to come to peace with what she was forced to do. I know that her deceased husband is smiling down on her knowing what a strong, protective mother she is for their child.

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