First, you're ALL wrong (grin). Second, it's problematic give opinions on things like this if you don't have some evidence, a cite or something, but consider:

If the police KNOCK that means they don't have a warrant, they are ASKING to come in. Even if the knock harder, if they don't hear a sound, they can't come in WITHOUT breaking the law. If you SAY something then they know someone is home. IANAL, but ask on the legal forums to verify.

If they break the door down and their agenda is a 'NO-KNOCK' warrant, they don't knock first. They (think) they have the authority to break down the door. In that event lie on the floor hands outstretched or risk being shot, or stay seated and hands in view.

If you open the door (yes) step outside, ask them in, it's like with Vampires (lol). You have to make a choice to comply voluntarily depending on the situation. Meanwhile, calling 911 is not a bad idea all the time if this should happen. Might be a good idea to put your name in big letters on the door like 'THE SMITH (your name here, better if it's an unusual name) FAMILY' or something. I'd suggest 4" tall and 1200 point type (j/k)

HTH, good luck, and yes, move.