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Thread: Window Security Film

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    Quote Originally Posted by suntzu View Post
    Somebody needs a hug
    Only if you're female with large mammary glands
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgb View Post
    Only if you're female with large mammary glands
    Wrong kind of FILM....
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    We just completed a whole house remodel, including all doors and windows. All of the glass is laminated. To test it, one manufacturer offered us a demo, a 2' x 2' window to be destroyed for the camera. With a 4' crowbar, it took a pretty tough guy 41 seconds to make a hole big enough to toss a (nearby) basketball through. And the hole was surrounded by glass shards ready to shred flesh. I figure that it would take about 2 - 3x as long to clean out the glass enough for anyone to want to climb through it. But that's LAMINATED glass. That added about $12K extra to our windows/doors for the house but the deterrent factor is excellent. We might get a window broken but we won't likely have anyone enter. Of course, door jambs, door locks, lighting, security cameras, alarm, etc. all add up to a hardened house that doesn't look at all like a jail. I think it's better to deter a crime.

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    Search YouTube for "Ace Security film". There a a bunch of videos for it, some where they fire rifle rounds in to windows. Looks like impressive stuff.
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    Make sure she's packing some pepper spray...a good dose and they would have left the room in a hurry. Chances are they cased the place and knew she was "gone" and just dumb luck, she came back on them. Lots of break-ins occur in broad daylight more than night. If she's that worried and it's a small apartment, consider installing some security bars on the inside with bolts through the wall. A heavy window shade that the bottom is attached to a cs teargas grenade and a wired to the floor with a screw in bolt, tight so that if the screen is rattled, the pin falls out...should deter anyone, although there might be a little clean-up and ventilation needed, they will not venture into the area.

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    Hummm. Guy trying to bust thru a door on a public street and the reflections of cars drive right by and no one stops?

    Any preventive measure should only be considered a "deterrent." Someone wants in--they'll get in.
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    I have films on all our windows that could be breached from the outside. I count on it to slow down a perp and require him to make much noise. This will give time and warning he is there. It in no way makes your windows impenetrable.
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