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Sleep with a gun handy?

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Thread: Sleep with a gun handy?

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    Yes, but my kids are all gown up and have their own homes. I keep both my Glock with night sights and my Kahr loaded and ready.
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    Not worth taking the chance with kids in the house. There are many options that will keep your gun accessible to you but out of the the kids hands. Also, worth giving the wife some peace of mind. Get a quick access handgun safe that fits your needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by multistage View Post
    I don't have one of those little safes.

    Get's a good investment in peace of mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by multistage View Post
    The wife hates it. I mean, she plumb hates it. Afraid the little guys are gonna find it and make the news. I don't have one of those little safes. Might ought to get one. She believes I am paranoid because, after all, we live in a small town with very little violent crime. She says I have seen too much TV. I tell her yeah, I have, as in the local news. We are not too far away from a good sized city that we both work in. And it's a rough city. So I sleep with a gun fairly close. I don't think I'm paranoid. I say I am careful. Gun and phone are in the headboard drawer. I sleep easier with them there. And they come with me first thing in the morning.
    This discussion was had on here last week or so. My opinion is that if you have small (less than about 16-25 year old) kids, you NEED a safe. You want to talk risk? Low risk, yes, but with a very bad upside, should one of your kids get hold of the gun. It is not worth the risk, no matter how small. Buy the safe!!!

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    No kids, 3 guns handy in the bedroom

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    No kids at home... guns available... grand kids over... guns in locked case, only key with me... well, except for the one on my hip.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    I keep one close, no kids in the house so it is not a problem. In motels right there on the nightstand next to the bed.

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    Not sure how this worked for anyone else but...

    When I was a kid I was never "curious" or wanted to "play" with my dad's guns...

    I had my own.

    Now of course I realize this doesn't work in every situation, but I think that having my own and being properly educated on how to use them safely, eliminated the natural curiosity that gets some kids shot when playing with unsecured firearms in a home.

    My two girls already have their own bows and BB guns, and have been with me to the range. I'm thinking proper education will work for them too.

    Don't get me wrong, I still do not leave any loaded firearm out of my arm's reach except when I'm sleeping (tucked between mattress in a holster).

    Don't tell them, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that Ol' St. Nick is bringing 10/22's for christmas.
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    Even though the little safes are cheap ($20-$100 for decent ones) another suggestion would be a shelf that is at head height for you. It would be a decent spot ONLY at night for you to keep your weapon easily available yet out of reach of a small child.

    For small safes I would recommend either the Gunvault Micro (runs about $90 at most sporting goods stores) which I have in the bedside table drawer, or the V-line Compact Pistol Locker V-Line Compact Keyless Gun Storage Security Locker: Sports & Outdoors which I will be getting for my truck so I don't have to worry about the weather wearing out the batteries.

    I have no kids so my XD9 with a Streamlight TLR-1 sits on the table at night.
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    As other have mentioned, there is no reason to leave an unsecured firearm around with children around. All it takes is that one time. Get a good safe like the GunVault and put it next to your bed. If you need the extra second to get to the gun, get a dog or an alarm system.

    I have tried to teach my 3 and 7 year old about guns, but let's be realistic, they're still kids and don't realize the consequences involved with their decisions. I can't even trust them not to sneak candy or cookies.

    Quote Originally Posted by 45ACP4ever View Post
    Even though the little safes are cheap ($20-$100 for decent ones) another suggestion would be a shelf that is at head height for you. It would be a decent spot ONLY at night for you to keep your weapon easily available yet out of reach of a small child.
    Both of my kids learned to use chairs, stools, etc. to climb everywhere rather quickly.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the outcome of the vote." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbinator View Post
    If your wife bucks you on that issue you need to trade your T-Rex avitar for a tampon.
    That's awesome. A small safe is still a good idea.

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    She hates it, but has to accept it. I think I'll keep my avatar.

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    G19 with TLR1 tac lite in the nightstand, Mossy 500A with #00 buck under the edge of the bed. Guess I'm paranoid too.
    I am a hard-working self-employed conservative Christian white male gun owner. How else can I tick you off today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kapnketel View Post
    Did you say "little guys"? If you have children in the house, even if you are sleeping with a gun in the nitestand next to you, you should have a gun safe. Period. It will also help calm down your wife.

    I agree 100%

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    You bet

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