When I was first living on my own and didn't have a lot of money to spend on things aside from the necessities, I frequently had to make do. This was my solution to a gun safe dilemma I found myself in at the time.

When I was still living with my parents as a teen and young adult, I had about a half dozen guns I'd either bought or been given. When I got my first apartment at age 20, I simply put them in a closet as I did when living at home. However, after some neighbors in several near by units had break-ins I decided a closet wasn't the most secure location to store my guns. Back in the early 70's, you didn't have the selection of gun safes you have now and those usually available were either very large, heavy and expensive or were your basic gun cabinet which wasn't any more secure than my closet door! Ultimately, I found a used, stand up style freezer for about $100 that locked and it became my gun safe. It was the size of a older apartment refrigerator (about 5 1/2 feet tall and about 2 1/2 feet wide) so it easily fit through most doors and wasn't so heavy that it couldn't be moved by two people with the proper equipment. It was insulated, air tight, had shelves for my handguns as well as places in the door for storage of ammo. Removing the lower shelf left room for rifles or shotguns. Depending on where I was living at the time, I also bolted it to the floor and/or wall in either my utility room, basement or garage. I even ran an electrical cord through a hole I drilled in the back, attached a 20 watt bulb inside and used the light as a dehumidifier. Unless you knew different, you'd swear it was just another old freezer and never look at it twice. I've been visited by burglars twice in the years since I got that freezer and while many other things were either stolen or ransacked during those visits, nobody seemed to take an interest in an old freezer that wasn't even running.

My gun collection has grown many times in the past 40 years and I now store my firearms elsewhere, but I still have that "safe". It's where I keep all my ammo, powder, primers and other related items... plus a lot of memories!