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    There's what happens according to the evening news and then what really happened if you listen to a scanner.

    The number of armed robberies.
    The number of assaults.
    The number of domestic violence calls that involve physical and/or verbal assault.
    The number of arrests from traffic stops for parole/probation violations and active warrants.
    And the general chaos of all the other types of calls.

    What the scanner provided was the fact that all of the above was creeping closer to our neighborhood. All this to say that the decision to carry and especially HD is more prudent today than ever before. The real world lives just underneath the false normal of the evening news.

    I suppose you could call this situational awareness.

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    So, the situation's getting worse, and the fire's getting closer... What are your options; other than carry more often, and further home fortification?
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    its all about perception

    here in Hartford the last 2 mayor's have both been former gang captains.
    one is in jail cause he never managed to put down other peoples stuff...
    and the current one is up to his lying lips in indictments

    and they often take photos oh him standing over the bodies of 'his' people
    bleeding out on sidwalks from driveby hellows saying words like
    "these things don't happen in my city'

    and thats what the news runs with.

    --nice would be if we elected people who actually represented the honest folk
    and were not burdened with 'owing' the enternched political machine.
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    The USA is slowing getting to be low life everywhere. All cities are about dumps now the closest one to my house is Charlotte, NC. Shootings everyday, muggings, rapes, robbings, home invasions, kidnappings, missing people. I carry all the time and at home to boot. I think the taxi cab drivers are putting up bulletproof shields in their rides also just like the banks and curb markets.

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    The low lifes want what we have. They will come to where we live to live to get it. Those quiet neighborhoods simply are false hopes. They use public transportation to invade, do the crimes, then boost a car to return home. The few times these hoods are detected, the LEOs break off the pursuit when speeds exceed 90 MPH. It is the luck of the draw when it becomes your turn to be a victim. It becomes our duty to be prepared to protect ourselves and families.
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