Unfortunately, many gun owners don't consider personal liability insurance, that would cover self defense occurrences, until it is too late! In some states, you may be protected from civil liability suits after a legal shooting, under the criminal code.(castle doctrine laws-but be careful, some CD laws are better than others!) In other states, like NY, you can be found not guilty in a criminal court but then be sued in civil court.( and many times lose!) Most people don't know that a standard homeowners insurance policy, at least in NY and PA) excludes coverage for intentional acts, which includes self defense actions. Most personal umbrella policy's also include this exclusion. I am an insurance agent licensed in NY and PA. I am also a gun owner myself. When I went looking for a good self defense insurance policy I first checked out the NRA endorsed one. What I found disappointed me, so I sought after and found an insurance carrier willing to offer this coverage for about half the price of the NRA endorsed policy, with much better coverage terms (covers many more self defense occurrences with many less exclusions) and starts out with four times the limit of liability! My point is, don't overlook your day to day personal liability when owning a firearm! Most insurance agents never address this issue, and that is very unfortunate! Other agents simply do not have the carriers willing to accept this kind of exposure. Don't think that just because you know your states laws, and that if you use your firearm you will do so legally for self defense, that you will not be sued in civil court. Due to the high cost of good self defense attorneys, and the possible large damages an anti gun jury may award, proper personal liability insurance should be a must for gun owners. ( that is unless you refuse to use your firearm when someone threatens your, or your family's, lives!). Here is a link to a YouTube video I created that addresses this subject. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkhKA...e_gdata_player

It's geared toward NY gun owners but most of the info is applicable in any state! If you live in NY or PA I would be glad to answer any of your questions or concerns, just give me a call or shoot me an email. Take care and shoot safely!