^ You were at the right address, we're talking about one and the same - and that is indeed very surprising!

That said, I'm strangely far more familiar with the various entrances/exits of our evil nemesis ( ), the Cleveland Clinic, than I am of our own facilities, at least in terms of having seen them relatively recently, mainly because as with most long-timers, I'm used to using only a few sets here, since my routing is more or less "optimized" over the years. Visiting the labs of other investigators/staff at the Clinic, I tend to walk around quite a bit more.

I'm gonna have to go on a longer lunch break in the coming days, to scope things out a bit!

You shouldn't look around too hard, though...one of the things is that the signage should be clear and conspicuous. I know that this places us legal concealed-carriers on a slippery slope of sorts, morally and ethically, but I do believe that the wording is there in the ORC for a good reason. Me as an employee - things are different, from you as the family of a patient.

One thing that I also noticed in this area is that your observation of various "medical professional buildings" being posted is very, very accurate. It's one of the few places here where they do post heavily.

Overall, Cleveland ain't as bad as what many make it out to be. Hey, at least the food's decent! Glad you had a relatively good time on your trip, despite the reason for it!