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How fast can you get to it?

This is a discussion on How fast can you get to it? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This same type of thing was happening here a couple of years ago. About 3 homes within a block or two of our home were ...

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Thread: How fast can you get to it?

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    This same type of thing was happening here a couple of years ago. About 3 homes within a block or two of our home were hit this way.

    I can view my front door, back door and garage door, from the tv in our bedroom, or the tv in the den. One quick flip of a button will allow me to see who is at the door. It would only take about 10 - 20 seconds to view the tv, and pick a pistol or two out of the safe if I wasn't already dressed for the day and was still in bed. By the time they started to bust through the storm door to get access to the front door, I am pretty sure they would get the message that they weren't welcome in my home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    Who knows?

    What would you do if you opened the door and 3 gangbangers were standing there, one of them with a Glock by his side?
    Since at least two of us have Glocks in your scenario, my county's already over-extended sheriff's departmant is going to in for a long evening. I can see who is at either door from two rooms away while remaining unseen, so the element of surprise will be mine.
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    I never considered going armed around the house until I joined this forum 3 years ago and read some of the posts about home invasions. Since then, I'm always armed or have a firearm within arms reach at home. And I don't answer the door unarmed (and besides that, I have security storm doors both front and back that can't be "kicked in" anyway). I'm also a very light sleeper.
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    9 out of 10 times, If I'm home alone during the day, I'll answer the door with my gun in hand. If it's a friendly, (like the UPS or FedEx driver) I simply place the gun in a drawer in the little table at the front door.
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    If I'm not carrying at home, then I at least have my Glock 23 on or under the LR coffee table. I live in a "good neighborhood", but still carry while working in the yard or taking out the trash. My girlfriend thinks I'm a little paranoid, but I explained to her that trouble doesn't find us only when we are prepared. "Good neighborhoods" make for a better target of criminals looking for nice stuff to steal. We have to be prepared always, not just when we expect trouble. I'm not paranoid, I look for the best in people but prepare for the worst.

    This weekend I was thinking about how slim our chances are of winning the lottery, yet people think they have a chance and buy tickets and still think that "it won't happen to them" concerning an armed attack.
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    Carrying around the house is a bit much for me.

    However, I don't kid myself that I may need it, and quick. Therefore, I have quick-access mini-vaults with handguns that are ready to go, hidden throughout the house, no more than six steps from wherever I am.
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    I would be more concerned with the sneaky thief. One pounding on my door give me plenty of warning and I usually don't answer my door. I usually pocket carry at home and my HD gun is a G17 in a FAS1 SAFE mounted to my bed. If someone is pounding on my door, I will have at least 2 guns on me and I would be on a higher alert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    How do we know this you might ask. All 3 were caught on a high quality camera that a husband set up in the overhead of a living room because he suspected that his wife was cheating on him, but that is another story. The video was great, lasting about 20 minutes and capturing each face so that there would be no doubt as to identity. They wont squirm out of this one.
    Policeman- "Thanks Mr. Homeowner, the cameras you set up are going to nail these BG's."
    Mr. Homeowner- "Yeah, okay, no problem, glad they helped."
    Wife-"Uh, honey, I didn't know you had cameras set up in our living room. Why didn't you tell me?"
    Mr. Homeowner- "uhhhh, yeah........well, uh, uh. You know.....uh....hmmmmm....gulp

    BTW-Good story, good info.
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    Thanks for the reminder... fortunately my two dogs are my early warning system... most of the time... And I'm armed in the house, most of the time... if not, it's in the bedside table next to me...

    Reasonably intelligent criminals are a rarity... these seemed pretty bright (leaving town to go to the country, etc.) . They'd been successful for some time, apparently.

    After their incarceration, they'll get out better educated and prepared for the next spree. And, they'll help train some of the stupider ones in the joint as well...
    It could be worse!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    What would they do if someone answered the door?
    I had 3 young black men bang on my door one day. I opened the door, Glock in hand right behind the door where they couldn't see. The asked for some person who I've never heard of. When I told them no such person lived there, they apologized and left. I suspected that they were checking to see if somebody was home so that they could break in. But I had no proof so I never called the cops or anything.
    All of us have at one time or another been asleep on the couch. As many of us have long driveways, large houses with several acres and most of us take our guns off when we get home, here is the the big "what if" question.
    If you asked this this a year ago, I would say I might not be able to get my gun in time. However, as we've discussed a few times already, I've re-enforced my doors with security striker plates, enhanced hinges, etc. They can kick the door all they like. All they are going to do is make a bunch of noise. They'll have to come in through a window if they want in. I'll be ready.

    Seriously guys.. Those door enhancements run about $150 per door. I only have had 2 doors to do. I figured the interior door for the garage didn't need it because they'd have to get through the main garage door first. That $300 was money much better spent than on extra guns or other security devices. Those door enhancements will buy me precious time, especially at night time. I've heard of so many cases where these guys kick down a door and they are in your bedroom slitting your throat before you even barely wake up. No amount of guns will solve that problem. Time is what you need. Re-enforcing your door is what will buy you that time. In fact, they may give up after a few unsuccessful kicks.

    This is the product I installed:
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    This takes us back to the age old question ... "do you carry in your home"? with many threads here on that topic. The SOP of these "day burglars" is that if someone does answer after ringing & knocking loudly, non-stop, etc., they act dumb & lost, usually asking for someone by name, who of course is not there, or asking for directions, etc. & then split.

    Adric22's story just above was likely this very thing. Had he / she not been home, they would have come home to an emptier house. If you are home & "don't answer the door for anyone you don't know" to very loud & constant knocks, there's a good chance that they will soon be entering your home.

    My floor plan is such that entry into my home from either the front or the back doors places that person between the bedrooms & the main living areas & kitchen. Therefore, I would be SOL if I was unarmed & my EDC back in my bedroom, I would have to get through them to get to my guns.

    This is why I have 3 "plants" throughout the front living areas & kitchen, in addition to my EDC that is on me at all times unless I'm in a "lounging mode", then it's within arms reach.
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    Due to some apartments behind us that went section 8 because of hard times and poor planning on the owner's part, and some idiot ex-family-in-law members, I'm always carrying when awake, even at home. When in bed it is at arms length with out me moving my body. When I go out to mow the grass in a few minutes there will be a little something in my pocket...

    and I live across the street from a LE regional office. Even if I should find the means to move elsewhere, I will still continue this practice.

    What is it they say? When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.
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    FAST.....................I wear it.

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    I wear it or it's within arms reach
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    "Adric22's story just above was likely this very thing. Had he / she not been home, they would have come home to an emptier house. If you are home & "don't answer the door for anyone you don't know" to very loud & constant knocks, there's a good chance that they will soon be entering your home."

    In January, that exact thing happened to some friends. Wife and newborn were home, she didn't respond to knocks even by yelling through the door, next thing she knew, three guys were jumping the back fence and kicking in the door. Not responding in some manner, at least here, isn't the wise choice.

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