Full Bed Safe for your Weapons - this is FYI

Full Bed Safe for your Weapons - this is FYI

This is a discussion on Full Bed Safe for your Weapons - this is FYI within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am not in any way involved in profit from or the sale of this. Just thought it was interesting. However, I do like my ...

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Thread: Full Bed Safe for your Weapons - this is FYI

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    Full Bed Safe for your Weapons - this is FYI

    I am not in any way involved in profit from or the sale of this. Just thought it was interesting.

    However, I do like my box springs in that this looks a bit more rigid.


    Drift off to sleep by counting the 105 guns stashed in your bed (well, under your bed)

    ......The BedBunker is a gun safe that replaces your bed's box spring, providing a place that's close at hand to store your arsenal.

    Don't worry that you might have more guns than you could fit inside your bed, because the BedBunker actually has room for 35 rifles and 70 handguns. To access all that firepower, you simply slide the mattress over, and unlock the steel doors, all of which can be done in less than 10 seconds.

    One potential problem is that the BedBunker weighs a crushing 1,300 pounds empty, so you had better make sure that your floor is properly reinforced if you don't live in a single floor ranch.

    YES - 1,300 pounds. Heck, my Rhino Safe only weighs 1,050, but it is bolted to the concrete floor

    Pictures and article here:

    Drift off to sleep by counting the 105 guns stashed in your bed | DVICE
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    An interesting concept, for sure.

    With the bottom of the safe visible under the bed skirts, I'm not so sure it'll be a real secret. Also, I would think they could've come up with a better hinge system (internal rather than external).
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    I want one... And the Cal King mattress to go with it.
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    I saw this product being made fun of on the Colbert Report last night.

    I'd rather have a regular safe which is probably and more resistant to fire and breakins.

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    Its gonna be hard to slide my mattress over with Mrs Yoda on the other side. I am beginning my search for a safe because in the not to distant future I expect there could be little ones around (not mine, grand kids). I already have a full size fire resistant gun safe and just need a place for secure but rapid access.
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    It's an interesting concept, but need some improvements. Top should be completely flush to aid in sliding the mattress off (internal hinges). Two key locks? Who's going to be able to find a (hidden) key, possibly remove a spouse, slide off a mattress, and unlock two key locks in the dark? It needs to be an eletronic keypad lock, again, flush to the surface.

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    How about a wardog safe? Not my cup of tea, but way easier to access the goodies. Just keep in mind about fire protection also.
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    Yea but will my knees bottom out when getting wild ?

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    It would be better to have side access doors/rollout drawers with biometric fingerprint locks. Neat concept, though.
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    May be for the guns I would keep in a safe anyway but not for my EDC or ED guns! Forget getting the mrs off; there is way to much time required to move the mattress!!

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