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Beating on the door at night

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Thread: Beating on the door at night

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    Get a German Shepard and you'll have tme to reach your gun...........he will stand off anyone or thing that trys to come through the front door as our 4 yr. old male will......his teeth reflect light real well at night in contrast to his black face.

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    20 seconds is way too long to be armed and ready to react.

    Plus, the cops took 35-40 minutes to arrive. Think of all that could have transpired in that long amount of time. The duty to protect yourself is on you, never ever ever trust LEO to be there to protect you. They may clean up the mess when you're dead but they won't be there to help in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarolinaSig View Post
    My wife looked out of the closest window while I was at the door after a few minute but did not see anyone. Unfortunately, we do not have a window where you can see the front door. We do have a small peep hole but I did not see anyone.
    I try not to look out the peep hole or stand directly behind the door when answering at an unusual time. I stand to the side with the hinges and talk through the door. If a shot is fired through the peep hole, or the door it'll miss me. If the door is kicked in I'll be behind it and have a small tactical advantage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig35seven View Post
    Did you say..."who is it?" without opening the door? Maybe it was a neighbor.
    The OP did not describe a normal knock.
    Beating on the door at night
    Someone beating on my door raises my awareness lever way above what a normal knock does. Beating on a door normally carries an urgency with it that a casual knock would not. I would instantly think that something was wrong and acted accordingly.


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    make sure your motion sensor lights are the ones with the security bulbs so they can't remove the bulbs

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    People (and OP), I wouldn't get too hung up on the "within 20 seconds" thing. I am going to assume that it was faster than that. I'm guessing the OP is going off of memory here and, yes, 20 seconds is a long time and you can do a LOT in 20 seconds. The other day I put tea in the microwave for 40 seconds, walked (not ran) across the living room, picked up my daughter, changed her diaper and returned to the kitchen with a few seconds to spare. If you had asked me how long it took to do that task I would have said a minute or so because I would assume it would take longer and it didn't.

    I bet if the OP were to go through the motions of collecting his firearm on a timer he may find it would not be as long as he reported.. if it truly did take that long, he needs to make changes because I agree, that is way too long.

    I also wonder why there was no inquiry at the door... "Who is it?".. "What do you want?"

    I'd hate to find out it was my neighbor who's house is on fire and they were looking for someone to call the fire department because they left their cell phones in the burning house upon evac.. now here I am holding a gun to the door expecting some horrible bad guy when it's someone who needs help.

    There is much prudence in being suspicious about a loud knock at the door in the night, but there's also prudence in at least trying to identify what is going on... at very least to give a description of the individuals to authorities.

    There are larger peep holes out there that allow you to view who is at your door without standing directly in front of it and looking through a tiny hole. Or, as others have suggested, you can also get a relatively cheap remote viewing camera system as well.

    We, too, live in an area where police response time in north of 20 minutes. You are on your own and should be very ready to defend your home in an instant. Keeping doors locked, having systems of viewing the blind spots, means of defense in reasonable reach or on body, plans of action for the family, all of these are paramount.

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    I think you did what you could, I don't fault you for keeping your gun in a safe with a child in the house. If you didn't someone would find fault in that. Your new here so don't take things to personally. Someone's waiting for you to reply so they can jump on the noob and question your credibility.

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    The same thing happened to me a few months ago at 3 am. It really made me think about home security. Since then, I added an alarm system and installed motion lights in the front and rear of my house.

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    Well, let me see...20 sec to retrieve gun, but 3 sec to kick in a door...better make a plan for the leftover 17 sec, a lot can happen.

    Stay armed...always...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarolinaSig View Post
    So last night as my wife and I were watching some television around 10pm there's a loud banging at the front door. We normally do not have visitor,s especially that late at night. I quickly retrieved my handgun from the safe in my night stand. I only have one gun and have a 2-year-old at home so my wife is not comfortable having it out of the safe. She's always said if something were to happen, I'd never be able to get to the gun in time.

    As soon as I heard the sound the gun was in my hands with a round in the chamber within 20 seconds. I took a defensive position at the front door for a few minutes and then called the sheriffs office who sent out a deputy.

    When he arrived 35-40 minutes later, we checked around the house and found nothing and he said he was going to check our neighborhood. While we had a light on at the front door, he suggested we have more lights on. I think we're going to replace some of our outside lights with some motion-sensing lights soon.
    35-40 minute response by police?? Reminds me of the quote: "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away."

    You do need to have more lights on at night.

    However, I need to get one of those cheap video systems to check who is at my door so that we do not unnecessarily expose ourselves to a potentially bad situation.

    I'm glad you had ready access to a gun to defend yourself.

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    Yeah kids will eliminate a lot of options, but carrying at home is still open. I don't know why people have an aversion to it. It doesn't have to be physically uncomfortable unless you make it so. And I don't care much about what anyone else thinks, including my family. Your family loves *YOU*, not some other person who isn't you who does things differently than you.
    "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined." -Obligatory Founding Father Quote

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    Limatunes make a credible point in that if it was a neighbor, the fire dept. , gas company, warning of an impending hazard within the area/neighborhood. This could very well happen and has.
    Good call, ,, something for us to all think about when answering a bang @ the door instead of a light knock late at night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911srule View Post
    Interesting, last night at 10 pm we watched a new episode of "What if" that addressed this type of home invasion scenario. I'd say 20 second armed response time is way too slow if door was kicked in judging from what we saw.
    What channel is the what if show coming on now?

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    Beating on the door at night-minutes-away.jpg
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    Maybe the police took 35 mins because they received a call saying "someone was knocking on my door," and realized it wasn't a big deal, which is true.

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