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Thread: New responsibility to neighborhood...

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    Good for you!
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    You probably should have called the police when you first became suspicious. Give a detailed description, direction of travel, and recant the crimes commited in the neighborhood. Having a carry permit does nothing more than afford you some comfort while being a good witness. If someone makes you suspicious... there's probably a good reason even if you cant put your finger on the reason at the time. If the police were called forst they may have been able to ID him. Maybe he's wanted or at least he'd know that he was burned in this neighborhood. And if there was a break-in the police would have had someone to look at for the crime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reed9MM View Post
    Yea the kid that got broken into , he said the cops told him the street value for one
    OxyContin pill is like $15.00!! Crazy times...
    Try $80-100 for an 80mg Oxy pill. Last I heard, it's about $1/mg and also depends on availability (naturally). With the "pill mills" being closed down left and right, the youth are turning to heroin since it's a lot cheaper and always around...

    Edit: +1 for being alert and aware. In my experiences I've found that most people who look suspicious usually are and are up to no good. I know it sounds like common sense but so many people see suspicious things/people and just go on about their business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit51 View Post
    Street value of prescription drugs is insane. I know people who take pain meds that junkies would love to get. If they are going to be gone long they put a couple of pills in their purse. Knowing the police get rough when the pills are not in a bottle...they have taken to carrying around the prescription sheets from the Pharmacy in their wallet. Like they would be insane to carry the entire bottle around. Some people would kill for them.
    If it is a script with refills, just keep the previous bottle and put a couple pills in it and lock the rest up. Anymore, I lock prescriptions up in the gun safe too. It seems more people are breaking into homes looking for prescription pills than for valuables. Instead of stealing valuables that they then have to carry out, sell, take cash and buy drugs they just go straight for the intended payoff and steal drugs. One reason why when I go to the pharmacy I pay very close attention to who is around and I try not to discuss what it is for. I've read about people hanging around pharmacies to find out who has scripts for certain drugs and then targeting them. Not good.
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