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This Hurts! What's a Father to Do?

This is a discussion on This Hurts! What's a Father to Do? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Thank God none of them were injured. As for the scumbags...I've got the duct tape, pickup, and directions to the gator pit......

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Thread: This Hurts! What's a Father to Do?

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    Thank God none of them were injured.
    As for the scumbags...I've got the duct tape, pickup, and directions to the gator pit...
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    My little girls are 19 and 17. WHEC724 echo my thoughts ..........

    Just like so many suggest here about 'trying' to convince their significant others to carry........ just quietly and steadfastly 'stay the course', show her the trend-analysis ( four robberies in three months ?!?), the crime reports, telling her your feeling and fears.........

    Spirit51 said it best, they're our adult children, their decisions. We as parents have to trust how we raised 'em and let 'em get to their lives.

    ....and by all means vent!
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    I certainly hope the employer helps the ladies with some post-trauma counseling too.
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    Thank God your daughter is ok. She might change her thoughts about relocating and looking for another job if and when she considers what could of happened this morning.
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    I can't begin to imagine how scary this must have been for you and her. Thank God she and the others are OK.

    I agree with Spirit51, you can encourage her but not force her.

    She is obviously a strong woman and for that you should be proud.

    I do hope the company invests in security and counseling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    As a fellow parent, I pray that I am not tested as you just have been. 'So very glad that she is okay.

    Looking at what happened and could have happened to you is like peering into a dark abyss for me. I don't know how I would react.


    WIth four kids, one out on his own @ 22, a daughter,19 with her job and college, I worry about them all the time. The two at home, 16 yr old daughter and the 7 yr old, evil genius wreaking havoc @ home calm my nerves somewhat, but I still worry.
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    Anyway, fortunately no one was hurt, save sore wrists and hands from the nylon binding tie wraps.
    Maybe not physically hurt, but don't neglect the psychological hurt. My rugged and robust 26 year old son was robbed at gunpoint in the restaurant where he worked a few months ago. Gun at the back of his head, heard/felt it cock, and wondered if he would hear the sound of the gun if they decided to pull the trigger. He got roughed up and dragged around, and the BGs focused on him because he was the only one there wearing a suit. It was over in minutes, but it had some strong effects on his psyche. Fortunately he's squared away enough to know he needed to get his mind straightened out, and he got some counseling pretty quickly. It helped a lot, and I urge your daughter and her friends to do the same.

    As far as the inadequate security for the office where she works, I think the threat of legal action against the parent firm may change some minds. Might also get your daughter fired, but her successors may benefit from that action. I can't believe the firm's insuror doesn't have a more proactive loss prevention stance.

    I wish your daughter well - and you, too, dad. So much could have gone horribly wrong in the blink of an eye.
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    Hummmm..... I would think this incident would have her rethinking her options on moving.

    My daughter is 5'3" tall..... when the guy came up behind her @ 2 a.m. as she was leaving work, and was going to attempt to rape her .... and I did not get the call I did every night when she left work so she could talk to me as she left.... I became concerned, got up and dressed ... and was about to go out the door when the phone rang....

    It was her, and there was a lot of noise in the background and some guy yelling. She said ... "I'm OK, but I'll just let the Police Officer explain " ..... WHAT ? She's OK ... and the POLICE OFFICER WILL EXPLAIN ......................... explain what.

    The officer got on the phone, laughing , and told me that this guy who has a rap sheet long on rapes, attempted to attack my daughter.... he told me the guy is 6'1" -6'2" tall and in good shape, but .... my daughter used the things I had taught her during her life as a kid (she was 19 when this happened). She palm slammed his nose, breaking it, and threw him on the ground..... I don't know how she did all what she did... but the officer told me ... the guy had a broken nose, missing teeth, possibly a broken jaw, and blood all over him... and he had told them that whenever he attempted to get back up she would kick him in the face.... the officer said "he's a real bloody mess". He said "she told us that you taught her how to defend herself, and sir... you did a very good job " .

    The officer apologized for the noise, he said the guy was refusing to get off the ground until she was far away from him .... as he was afraid she would beat him up some more.... as she had told him if he got up, she would put some more hurt on him.

    They had an ambulance there to take the guy to the hospital, then later he took the trip to the jail.

    And the officer, couldn't quit laughing. She then got back on the phone and told me that she was headed home.

    My point, you needed to be teaching her not to be a victim, to be capable of defending herself, etc. long before she was 20. But, get busy and teach her what she needs to know, or get her with someone who can.... and to "MOVE". Obviously she is working for a Company that are complete idiots to willing put their employees thru things like this.

    Want to know the ironic part ... she went to school and got into the medical field, and now works in the medical area at the jail. LOL.
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    They're lucky, they're all very lucky.

    We understand the vent and the rant, glad you can get some of it off your chest.

    Formula for failure- A State with very restrictive gun laws plus a company with poor security measures equals ample cheese for the rats to feed on at their will.
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    I know the area well. Definitely not the best of places. I hope the scumbags get what they deserve.
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    Sorry that happened to your family. Illinois is a microcosim of what the Country will become if the anti gun folk win this battle. We are headed down that road with liberalism and political correctness leading the way. I know dirt bags like the ones you describe make your blood boil. The wolves are everywhere,always looking for opportunity to pray on the defenseless. Thank God no harm was done to your daughter and the others. And thank God for the sheepdogs who at least recognize the problem for what it is, and try to be a line of defense against the wolves. And in closing I would say there is no reson to be sorry for venting. We here all know what were up against and thats one of the things that bind us together despite having our differences of opinion from time to time. I think it safe to say we are all of one mind on this matter.
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    @ Wits' End
    Thank God she is okay. As above, strongly encourage to learn to defend herself.
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    I feel for you. It's hard to let daughters go and even harder when their decisions put them in potential danger.
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    Glad your daughter is O.K.,prayers that she(and You) may recover fully from this traumatizing circumstance,now how bout a career change?

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    Glad she is physically unharmed. Very scary, helpless feeling. I can't imagine. I hope your daughter evaluates her situation considering your advice.
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