This Hurts! What's a Father to Do?

This Hurts! What's a Father to Do?

This is a discussion on This Hurts! What's a Father to Do? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I posted the following on another forum a bit ago. As I'm winding down it's giving me something to do to take my mind off ...

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Thread: This Hurts! What's a Father to Do?

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    This Hurts! What's a Father to Do?

    I posted the following on another forum a bit ago. As I'm winding down it's giving me something to do to take my mind off the "what could have happened". It's just bad things happen to good people and there's not a damn thing a parent can do about it! Color me stupid but, it's hard to believe when scum bags like this are finally apprehended and stand trial, parents don't pounce on the scumbags in court at the first opportunity to get justice and their pound of flesh. If I could inflict enough damage, a year or two in jail would be well worth it.

    Experiencing allot of emotions today, mostly sick to my stomach, scared and a feeling of helplessness.

    This morning at 8:00 A.M. my 21 year old daughter was grabbed in her work parking lot and forced at gun point to her head to the inside of her employment building. She is a loan officer in training at the Scott Credit Union, Cahokia, IL.

    Once inside it was discovered there were a pair of scumbags. There were three employees, one of which was a manager in training, all female. Both scumbags were described as having small handguns.

    The scumbags (Iím withholding what I would like to call them) tightly bound my daughter and the other two employees with nylon tie wraps in an out of the way office. They threatened to kill them unless they did exactly what they were told. They had their guns to their heads and meant business.

    They demanded that they open the vault immediately. The only employee that had access was the manager in training. My daughter has only worked for Scott Credit Union for about three months and is still in training herself. Fortunately the MIT maintained her cool and was able to open the vault.

    It was reported to the Cahokia police that over $100,000.00 was stolen.

    A little back ground: I spent about 30 years in that now crime infested stink hole named Cahokia, itís next door to East St. Louis, IL. It was founded in 1699. It wasnít bad when I purchased my house and it was an easy commute across the Poplar Street Bridge to work. So I toughed it out until I was able to retire and moved to Godís country, Tennessee.

    We tried very hard to convince our daughter to relocate with us to TN. She has become independent and wanted to stay in Cahokia with her life long friends. She thinks country life is boring. She recently completed her Associates Degree at Southwestern Illinois College and obtained her job shortly there after as a credit union teller, then just got promoted to loan officer in training.

    Get this! This place has been robbed not once, not twice, not three times butÖ Four times in the last three months! This time they are promising to add some security? By second hand information Iím told, their security cameras are obsolete and not functioning in some areas! According to my daughter they are going to upgrade their system. Whoopee freaking doÖ How about hiring a security guard? They are not taking employee safety and security seriously.

    Anyway, fortunately no one was hurt, save sore wrists and hands from the nylon binding tie wraps. Iím going to encourage my daughter to seek employment elsewhere in a safer environment and neighborhood. But she is making more money than she has ever made in her life and likes the job? Iím probably going to push my parental authority to the extreme and demand she get the hell out of there.

    Iím here to tell you, Iím frightened about how things could have turned out. I thank God everything turned out okay and no one was shot and / or killed. Iím so angry I want to personally meet these scumbags face-to-face to the last man standing. Iím depressed because thereís nothing I can do about it and canít convince my daughter to relocate with us.

    According to my daughter, she didnít have much time to react. She said he jumped up from an adjacent field and ran at her and grabbed her. She said she was thinking it was some sort of joke.

    With that mindset and reaction, even if she was armed, in retrospect, she did the right thing and is alive. As you all know she didnít have an option to be armed anyway. Strike one; she still lives in ďThe Peoples RepublicĒ. Strike two, like 99% of other financial institutions, no weapons allowed. So, there is no other option to protect oneís own life and limb. I wouldnít recommend pepper spray against a handgun.

    You read about these crimes, and worse all the time, and sort of brush them off and try to learn from them. I can tell you from deep inside, when it strikes your family it becomes very personal. You wish it had happened to you and not your daughter. Life is not fair I know but a parent has no greater love than for his children.

    Needed to rant and vent a little as I calm down. SorryÖ
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    Glad she survived the ordeal and was unharmed...............make it a learning experience not to be repeated.

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    Glad that it ended as well as it did and that she was relatively unhurt. $ doesn't buy another life, no matter how much you make of it. Hope she listens to you.

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    that is what we are here vent, time heals all wounds inside and out.

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    You had it right when you thanked God that nothing worse happened to your daughter.

    I have a daughter of my own and sympathize with every one of your feelings.

    The worst part of the whole story is that there really was nothing to do but comply and hope for God's mercy.

    Good luck, and vent all you want.

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    As a fellow parent, I pray that I am not tested as you just have been. 'So very glad that she is okay.

    Looking at what happened and could have happened to you is like peering into a dark abyss for me. I don't know how I would react.
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    I thank God she is ok!!

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    Don't give up trying to get your daughter to move. Four robberies in three months would sure be enough to get me out of there!

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    Vent away. That's why we are here sometimes. Glad everyone is OK.
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    I am glad it all turned out for the best, but suggest to her a move....but don't demand. She is a adult now and responsible for her own decisions. Now...take care of yourself. I have known fathers who ended up with a severe case of depression because of where their daughters lived. I mean so severe they had to seek help. One father I knew had three daughter....each a college educated professional. One lived in New York in St. Louis....the other in L.A.
    The fears he had for them sent him spinning into a classic case of severe depression.....couldn't function depression.

    The hardest thing that we who are parents of adult children have is accepting their decisions at times. Best we can do is point out our opinions and give the reasons.....suggest....and let them know we are there no matter what.

    Good luck....I agree with you, but don't be too heavy handed and for goodness sake....take care of yourself.
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    Hard to spend money when you are DEAD
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    I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that she's ok! That must have horrible for her but hopefully she can put the experience to her advantage from here on out. And don't feel alone when it comes to how you feel right now. That's how Dads are supposed to be wired. And when these scumbags are caught, they know what it's like to be tied up and thrown in the back of a vehicle.
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    Glad your daughter is OK. Hope there is not a next time.
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    Glad everyone is ok!!! You are venting a lot quieter than I would be.

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    Dennis I understand your rage. Mine is 10 right now. I am sorry that your daughter went thru this. God is a vengeful god, lets hope his vengeance is played out on these thugs...
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