I travel a lot throughout the Middle East. Once I leave my area I am unarmed except for a knife. Once I hit commercial travel the knife goes into checked luggage.

The idea given about buying something when you get there is your best bet and give it away when you leave. No fuss, no muss airline travel.

When traveling in these countries I do not wear an American flag t-shirt or a cap with "Inidel" written in Arabic I simply dress in jeans or 5.11's and go about my business. I have heard others say to dress like the locals, buy European shoes to travel in and so on but the fact remains unless you are really good at remaining mute the entire trip as soon as they realize that you do not speak the local language you are pretty much screwed anyway if someone is looking for a target..

I follow simple travel rules stay in public places, do not drink to excess, do not take the cab drivers advice on "I have a perfect place, a little out of the way but perfect for you", do not look like a target, and simply keep your eyes and ears open.