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Thread: While Running

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    Go visit a local police department or find a neighborhood officer. tell them the story and ask if they would mind posting themselves out of sight if they are not busy. The police are there to help and should be amicable to helping you if they are not getting a cat out of a tree or escorting a child with a fever of 99.9 to the emergency room.

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    Video is a good idea, and call the cops for sure. If he is intentionally driving outside the designated lane towards you, that is assault with a deadly weapon. Not sure you could get it to stick, but they could probably convince him to plea to something less. It is a dangerous game he is playing, that is not a game at all.
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    If you can, hold off from running until your permit shows up. Then I'd continue with jogging. Between a powerful flashlight and a quality handgun, you should be all set.
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    Traffic and running don't mix. Don't you have an off road trail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armey View Post
    Traffic and running don't mix. Don't you have an off road trail?
    I'm not a runner but I do walk. I have been known to walk along public streets and roads. As far as I know, as long as it is not limited access such as the interstate, the roads are for vehicles and pedestrians, no matter the speed the pedestrian is moving.

    If the OP has access to a trail that may be an option but I would recommend he still carry as there is occasionally a news report of an assault, robbery, or murder on running/hiking trails.

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    It's criminal threatening with a much more deadly weapon than anything you're carrying. If it's a regular occurence in roughly the same location, I'd make a complaint every time it happens, report as much as you can (and hopefully get a plate), and try to get it on video ASAP. Realize also that this kind of thing is likely to escalate even if you do nothing else. I've had similar instances when riding - you're absolutely correct, though, that as much as you may like to toss a brick, it's the wrong answer.

    All that said, in my younger stupider days, I've kicked cars, thrown a water bottle, and chased drivers down. All wrong answers, and though they gave me temporary satisfaction, nobody learned anything from the event and the driver probably was even more aggressive with the next biker he saw. And fortunately, I've never ended up squaring off with someone while wearing lycra and bike shoes, or even worse, ended up staring down a gun. I've had mixed success with police reports, but that's still the right answer.

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    Close encounters with vehicles being operated by careless, inattentive or stupid drivers are a normal part of any activity taking place on roadways, with some of those roadways being more prone to such problems than others. As a former marathon runner and current bicycling enthusiast, I have been dealing with strokes for about twenty-five years. Avoidance is the best solution in most cases. I never ran on busy roadways and always got off the pavement whenever a vehicle approached. On my bike, a slightly different strategy is required. I always stay as far to the right as possible whenever a vehicle approaches from the rear, and hold my ground all the way to the right when an oncoming vehicle decides to play a round of "let's scare the guy on the bike". Occasionally, I will get some verbal harrassment from a passing motorist, which I ignore. Twice, I have had drivers pull up beside me to read the riot act, at which time I immediately stopped and dismounted. Both chose to continue on. Some people are mad at the world, and I do my best to not wind up bounced off their windshields.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dono View Post
    I'm not going to change my route just yet, I'm going to give him/her a chance to bet bored with it. I'll just keep giving him the "thanks guy" wave for now.

    D, have you had any further run-ins with the guy in the past couple of weeks?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Armey View Post
    Traffic and running don't mix. Don't you have an off road trail?
    You are right, leave your car at home and take a bike or bus to work
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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post
    Get plate number and call 911...

    It appears you were attacked. File a complaint with your local law enforcement officials.

    If the perpetrator is apprehended then he will be charged with assault and the courts will determine his guilt or innocence.
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